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English Literature I Terms


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Ethical philosophies prominant in European Renaissance
Sola Scrptura
Scripture, not the Church, has authority
Sola fide
Only the faith of the individual, not good works or rituals, can effect salvation
Ministry of all Believers
All people are equal servants of God
Sonnet Form
- 14 lines
- Divided into octave and Sestet
- rhyme scheme: abbaabba
- Love a common theme
Fanciful ingenious expresssion in form of extended metaphor
native English poetic form used as dance song with short stanzas and refrains
Sonnet Cycle
series of sonnets on same subject and or dedicated to the same person
Stateent that seems self-contradictory but reveals deeper meaning
English/Shakespearean sonnet
iombic pantameter w/ 3 quatrains and a couplet's turn or summary in the couplet (ababcdcdefefgg)
Feminine Rhyme
rhyme of two or more sylabbles with accent falling on sylable other than the last
Dramatic unities
needs to be unified within action, time, and place (all within 24 hour time period)
courtly entertainment with singing, dancing, and elaborate costumes generally in honor of birth or marriage
blank verse
unrhymed iambic pentameter often used by Shakespeare
enjambed line
line of petery not stopped, spills onto following line.
Metapyhsical Conciet
- surprising metaphor that links unlik images throughout poem
- interchanging vocab of sexual or religious love
- use of puns and paradoxes
A: A gorgeous Actress

B: dawn song; portrays sadness of lovers that have to part in the morning so their spouse wont discover them
English was a commonwealth and protectrate under the Cromwells
Cavalier poets
- poetry light and secular
- direct language and suspicous of earnest and intense poetry
-embodied life of upperclass before Intergnum
Ballad Stanza
quatrains with alternating four-stress and three-stress lines (abcb) (Herrick)
Ciceronian Style
writing characterized by copia, peonasm, and hypotzxis
elegant restatement
complex structure full of subordinate clauses
Senecan Style
writing characterized by brevity, broken rhythems, and parataxis
clauses of equal importance, with short or loosley organized sentences
short work, usually in prose, that treats a subject from the author's point of view (Bacon)
familiar statement expresing observation or principal generally accepted as wise or true (Bacon)
Rife's Best Quote of the Year
"He's not comparing her to a brick shit-house or anything"

-- Amber Rife 3/6/2006
Sir Thomas Wyatt (669)
- Whose List to Hunt
- They Flee From Me
- My Lute Awaken
- Blame Not My Lute
Sir Philip Sidney (967)
- Astroaphil and Stella
William Shakespeare (1222)
- Sonnets
- The Tempest
John Donne (1647)
- The Good Morrow
- Song
- The Sun Rising
- A Valediction: Of Weeping
- Holy Sonnets
Ben Johnson (1629)
- To John Donne
George Herbert (1685)
- The Altar
- Easter
- Easter Wings
- Jordan (1) & (2)
- The Collar
- The Pulley
- Love (3)
Robert Herrick (1647)
- The Argument of his Book
- To the Sour Reader
- Delight in Disorder
- To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time
- Upon Julia's Clothes
- To his Tomb-Maker
Andrew Marvell (1724)
- To his Coy Mistress
- The Defenition of Love
Francic Bacon (1748)
- Of Truth
- Of Marriage and Single Life
Thomas Hobbes (1762)
- Liviathan
- The Anatomy of Melancholy
John Milton (1810)
- When I consider how my light is spent
- Paradise Lost

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