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Ap Human Exam


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Absolute Location
The exact position of an object or place, measued within the spatial cordinates of the grid system
The relative easr with which a destination may be reached from some other place
Azimuthal projection
A map projection in ehich the plane is the most develpoable surface
Breaking point
The outer edge of a city's sphere of influence, used in the law of retail gravitation to describe the area of a city's hinterlands and that depend on that city for retail supply
A type of thematical map that transforms space such that the political unit with the greatest value for some type of data is represented by the largest relative area
Choropleth map
A thematic map thats uses tones or colors to represent spatial data as average values per unit area
Cognative map
An image of a portion of the earth's surface that an individual creates in his or her mind. They can include knowledge of actual locations and relationships between locations as well as personal perceptions and preferences of particular places
The actual or potential relationship between two places, usually refering to economic interactions
The degree of economic, social, cultural, or political connection between 2 places
Contagious diffusion
The spread of disease, innovationm or cultural traits through direct contact with another person or another place

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