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US Constitution Test, Elm Middle School


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How many members in the House of Representatives?
How many members in the Senate?
What are the Senate and the House known as together?
The Congress
In what branch of the government is the Congress?
How many Senators represent Illinois?
Which came first, the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution?
What was the purpose of the Articles of Confederation
to describe our first government
How many representatives are there for Illinois in the House?
How many years does a Senator serve in one term?
How many years does a representative serve in one term?
How old does a Representative have to be?
How old does a Senator have to be?
How many times can a Representative or Senator be reelected?
Which amendments are known as the Bill of Rights?
1-10 (the first 10)
Which amendment protects free speech, religion, assembly, press and right to complain to the government?
Which amendment gives 18-year-olds the right to vote?
Which amendment says Congress can collect income tax?
Which amendment gives women the right to vote?
Which amendment guarantees trial by jury?
Which amendment limits the President's terms to 2?
Which amendment established a new date for the President to take office?
Which amendment outlawed the manufacture and sale of alcohol?
Which amendment made alcohol legal again?
Which amendment says you don't have to testify against yourself and you can't be tried for the same crime twice?
Which amendments outlawed slavery and protected the right to vote among races?
Which amendment protects the right to own weapons?
Which came first, the Constitution or the Articles of Confederation?
Articles of Confederation
Which came first, the Bill of Rights or the Constitution?
Constitution (the Bill of Rights are added at the end.)
What article of the Constitution talks about the Legislative Branch?
Article 1
What article of the Constitution talks about the Executive Branch?
Article 2
Where in the Constitution would you find the Preamble?
at the beginning (the first paragraph)
What is the Preamble to the Constitution?
the first paragraph listing the goals of the document
Which article of the Constitution describes the Judicial Branch?
Article 3
Which branch of the government contains the President, Vice President and Cabinet?
Which branch of the government contains the Supreme Court?
Which branch makes the laws?
Which branch carries out or enforces the laws?
Which branch can declare a law "unconstitutional"?
Which branch has control over the military?
Which branch handles foreign policy (except the approval of treaties)?
Which TWO branches have control over the coining and printing of money?
Legislative and Executive
Which TWO branches can invalidate a law after it has been passed by Congress?
Executive and Judicial
Who elects or appoints Senators?
the people of a whole state
Who elects or appoints Representatives to the House?
the people in a district of a state
Who elects or appoints the President and Vice President?
the Electoral College
Where does a bill begin its journey towards becoming a law?
in Congress (in a committee); either the House or the Senate
After both houses of Congress approve a bill, where does it go immediately?
to the President for signing (or vetoing)
If a President vetoes a law, how can it still become a law?
If 2/3 of Congress vote to override the veto.
What other title does the Vice President hold?
President of the Senate
What is the title of the person who presides over the House of Representatives' meetings?
Speaker of the House
Who elects or appoints Cabinet members?
The President (with Senate approval)
Who elects or appoints Supreme Court Justices?
The President (with Senate approval)
Who is the first in line to take over if a President dies in office?
The Vice President
If a President is suspected of committing a crime, who brings the impeachment charge against him/her?
The House of Representatives
Who serves as the jury during a President's impeachment trial?
The Senate
Who presides over a President's impeachment trial (as a judge)?
The Chief Justice (of the Supreme Court)
What Cabinet Department would mediate a strike or suggest legislation about worker's rights?
Department of Labor
What Cabinet Department handles foreign affairs?
Department of State
What Cabinet Department is in charge of issues involving gasoline or nuclear power?
Department of Energy
What Cabinet Department is in charge of the National Park System and Indian affairs?
Department of the Interior
How many Supreme Court Justices are there?
How many years does a President serve in one term?
What is the maximum number of years an elected President can serve?
What is the minimum age to be President?
How many electoral votes does Illinois have?
What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
To state the reasons we broke from England
What is the purpose of the Constitution?
To describe our laws and government
Why did the framers of the Constitution want to have 2 houses in the Legislative Branch?
To compromise between the large states and small states.
What is the main duty of the Executive Branch?
To enforce or adminster the laws
What is the main duty of the Legislative Branch?
To make the laws
What is the main duty of the Judicial Branch?
To interpret or judge the laws
What branch contains the Senate and the House?
What branch contains the Cabinet?
What document begins, "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union..."?
The Constitution
What document includes the phrase, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal..."?
The Declaration of Independence
Who used to choose Senators before the 17th amendment was passed?
State Legislatures
What was the main weakness under the Articles of Confederation?
No power to tax

(There are other weaknesses, but this is the one that will be a choice on the test.)
What are two reasons the Constitution has lasted so long?
1. vague language
2. the amendment process
If the Congress wants to override a Presidential veto, how many of them need to approve the bill?
What is another job of the Senate besides passing laws?
Approving Presidential appointments

OR approving treaties
What determines how many Representatives each state gets in the house?
What determines how many Electors a state has in the Electoral College? (it isn't directly population)
Adding the number of Representatives to the number of Senators in that state.
Where does the Congress meet (specifically)?
the Capitol Building
What part of the Constitution allows Congress to pass laws about things that didn't exist in 1787 (like air travel)?
the Elastic Clause
When the government spends more than it takes in (a deficit), what is the usual action taken to raise money?
Increase taxes
Which President was most recently impeached?
Bill Clinton
Who is the only President to have resigned?
Richard Nixon
What position does Robert Gates currently hold?
Secretary of Defense
What position does Hillary Clinton currently hold?
Secretary of State
Who is currently President of the United States?
Barack Obama
What position does Joe Biden currently hold?
Vice President
What position does John Roberts currently hold?
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Name the Illinois Representative in the House of Representatives who represents the fifth district (your district)?
Rahm Emmanuel's replacement (special election on April 7)
Who are our two Illinois Senators?
1. Richard Durbin
2. Roland Burris
Is this power ENUMERATED or DENIED to Congress?...

Making rules about immigration
Is this power ENUMERATED or DENIED to Congress?...

Establishing schools or school rules
Is this power ENUMERATED or DENIED to Congress?...

Declaring war
Is this power ENUMERATED or DENIED to Congress?...

Honoring someone with a title like "Sir" or "Baron"
Is this power ENUMERATED or DENIED to Congress?...

Protecting inventions and artistic works with patents and copyrights
Is this power ENUMERATED or DENIED to Congress?...

Controlling business within a state
Identify who is checking whom in the following example:

A bill must be approved by both houses of Congress.
Legislative Branch checking itself (the House and Senate checking each other)
Identify who is checking whom in the following example:

Declaring laws unconstitutional
Judicial Branch checking the other two branches
Identify who is checking whom in the following example:

Overriding a veto
Legislative Branch checking the Executive Branch
Identify who is checking whom in the following example:

Vetoing bills
Executive Branch checking the Legislative Branch
Identify who is checking whom in the following example:

The Electoral College chooses the President
A check on the people
What happens to someone who is impeached?
1. They are accused of a crime
2. They are put on trial
3. IF (and only IF) they are found guilty, they are removed from office
What are the two biggest political parties in the U.S. and which animals unofficially represent them?
Republican -- Elephant
Democrat -- Donkey

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