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5th Grade Study Guide - 5th Six Weeks


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Why did Britain place taxes on the colonists?
Britain needed money to support their armies.
What effect did the taxes have on the colonists as a whole?
The taxes made the colonists begin to unite as Americans.
Name the organizer of the Sons of Liberty.
Samuel Adams
What caused the British to impose the Intolerable Acts?
The colonists dumped a shipment of tea into Boston Harbor to protest the tax.
Describe a Patriot.
A Patriot was a colonist who opposed British rule of the colonies.
Place the following in order:
___Battle of Concord
___Paul Revere is captured
___Battle of Lexington
___British retreat to Boston
Why did Thomas Paines' little booklet "Common Sense" do so much for the Patriot cause?
The booklet was written in an easy to understand style.
What is the main argument of the Declaration of Independence?
People are born with rights which cannot be taken away.
The Americans won the Battle of Saratoga. How did that affect the war?
It convinced the French to help the Americans.
What did Washington use to defeat the British at Yorktown?
The French navy arrived in the harbor to help against the British.
What was the result of the American victory at Yorktown?
The Revolutionary War ended after the British surrendered.
What did the states want the Articles of Confederation to do for them?
The states wanted to keep their freedom and independence and join a league of friendship.
Why did Daniel Shays and the other farmers rebel?
Massachusetts was making it hard on farmers by making them pay property taxes.
What order came as a result of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
The Northwest Territory was to be divided into smaller territories.
Name the original purpose of the Constitutional Convention.
The delegates wanted to revise the Articles of Confederation.
Describe the Great Compromise during the Constitutional Convention.
Congress has two "houses"
Senate - equal representation
House of Rep. - # based on population
Name one goal stated in the Preamble to the Constitution.
Protect liberty of the people.
Name the group who wanted a strong national government.
Describe the Antifederalists.
They were not happy with the Constitution.
Describe the Bill of Rights.
The Bill of Rights is ten Constitutional amendments specifying freedoms of the people.
The executive branch has several departments. The heads of these departments are called the ___________.
Describe the job of the Cabinet.
The Cabinet advises the President.
What did Pierre L'Enfant have to do with Washington, D.C.?
George Washington hired him to design the new capital city.

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