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CIS TEST 2 - Access


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A ____ is a restriction placed on records in the open data sheet or form to quickly isolate and display a subset of records
A filter is created by specifying a set of limiting conditions, or _____, which you want records to meet in order to be displayed.
A _____ is a request for specific data contained in a database.
A _____ is an association between a field in one table or query and a field of the same data type in another table or query.
A _____ is a printed output generated from tables or queries
_____ are objects on a form or report that display information, perform actions, or enhance the design.
A _____ is linked to a field in an underlying table.
Bound Control
A _____ is not connected to a field.
Unbound Control
A _____ is a field property that controls where data is entered in a field, the kind of data, and the number of allowable characters.
Input Mask
The input mask format consists of _____, such as hyphens and parentheses, that display just as they are, and _____ that define the characteristics of the input mask.
Literal characters
Mask characters
A _____ provides a list of values from which the user can choose to make entering data into that field similar.
Lookup Field
A lookup field that uses another table as the source for values is called a ____, and on that uses fixed values is called a ____.
Lookup list
Value list
A _____ is a field in one table that refers to the primary key field in another table and indicates how the tables are related.
Foreign Key
The ____ specifies whether a value is required in a field.
Required Property
A ____ displays the results of a calculation in a query.
Calculated Field
A ____ summarizes table data and displays it in a tabular format.
Crosstab Query
A ____ establishes the association between common fields in two tables (one to one, on to many, and many to many).
A ____ is a data table nested in another data table that contains data related or joined to the table where it resides.
Controls can be ____, or positioned relative to other controls.
The ____, or distance between controls, can be adjusted horizontally or vertically in the following ways.
A ___, also commonly referred to as a ____, is a set of characters with a specific design
____ fonts have a flair at the base of each New Roman
____ fonts do not have a flair at the base of each letter.
Sans Serif
____ is the height and width of the character⬦
Font Size
Is commonly measured in ____, abbreviated pt.
A ___ is a form that is embedded in another form and is used to show data from another table or query.
The form that contains the subform is called the ____, and may be referred to as hierarchical form, a master/detail form, or a parent/child form.
Main Form
A ____ displays the results of data that is calculated from a field in a table or query or from another control in the form.
Calculated Control
A ____ executes one or more actions on a form.
Command Button
Records in a report can be ___ by categories to allow you to better analyze the data.
If you group data in your report, you can perform one or more of the following group calculations on values: Sum, Avg, Min, and Max.
Grouped Calculations
A ___ is an interaction chart that can be used to analyze data in a datasheet or form.
Pivot Chart
A ___ is a stored set of instructions that, when run, perform a specific operation.
An ___ provides additional information on how the action is to be carried out.
A ___ is a form that contains command buttons for performing a variety of actions in a database, such as viewing forms and reports, running macros, opening other switchboards, and exiting the application.
Each switchboard is called a ____
Switchboard Page
You use the ____ to create and modify switchboard pages.
Switchboard Manager
A macro can be one macro composed of a single sequence of actions, or it can be collection of related macros that are stored together under a single macro name. This collection is called a ____.
Macro Group
____ are used to control the data that can be entered in a field by defining the input values that are valid or allowed
Validation Rules
____ is an expanatory message that appears if the user attempts to enter invalid information in a text field for which there is a validity check
Validation Text

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