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Eastern Religions- Quiz on Hinduism and Sikhism


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What are the two ways Hinduism manifested itself?
Popular Hinduism and Philosophical Hinduism
Who were the four Gods of popular Hinduism?
Ganesha, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
Who were the three goddesses of popular Hinduism?
Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Durga
What are the four schools of Philosophical Hinduism?
Nyaya, Vaishenshika, Sankhya, Yoga
What three things does the sankhya school believe in?
various gods (bodhishettvas) individual souls, matter
What is the most important system of classical thought?
How many schools is the Vedanta divided into?
What is Ramanuja?
analogy in terms of understanding the relationship between God, souls and matter in the terms of will, soul and matter.
What is the 5-Fold Theology of Divine Descandence?
Transcedental Form
Cosmic Form
Incarnational Form
Immanent Aspect
Iconic Form
What is the three fold purpose in the incarnational form?
To protect the good
To punish the evil
To restore dharma (righteousness)
True of False, Is God the creator of souls/matter?
What are the three types of souls?
saved from samsara
bound in samsara,
eternally saved
What is Sadhana?
The spiritual agenda in classical Hinduism
What is the four-fold path to achieving God?
Path of Devotion
Path of Meditation
Path of Knowledge
Path of Good Deeds
What are the three exceptions of a saved soul?
Cannot attain the sovereignty of God
Cannot grant salvation
Cannot participate in the cosmic functions
What does the Madhva Theory say about souls and matter?
Souls and Matter are both dependent on God but they are external from him
True of False. Madhva Hinduism classifies the soul into the same three categories as Ramanuja.
What part of the Theory of Divine Descendence does Madhva not accept?
Iconic Form, Madhva believes it is only symbolic and not actually God
What are the four means of getting out of Samsara?
good works
Who is Qutbuddin Aibak?
the first ruler of southeast Asia
Who ruled between 1206-1526 and what did he do?
Delhi Sultanate, established Islamic Rule
How long did the Mughal Empire last?
1526-1858 CE
What province was most affected by Islamic Invasions?
Who was the founder of Sikhism and when did he live?
Nanak- 1469-1539 CE
Who was the musician that Nanak befriended?
What are the two "stages" of the Sikh scriptures?
Adi Granth
Guru Granth
What two parts are the sikh scriptures divided into?
Guru Bani
Bhasat Bani
Who are the ten gurus of Sikhism?
Nanak Arjan Govind Ra Singh
Angad Hargouvind
Amardas Harkishen
Ramdas Tej Bahadur
Who are the three most important?
Nanak, Arjan, Tej Bahadur
What is the ceremony of Baptism?
What is the vow of the five k's?
kesh- long hair, saintlyhood
knaga- hair clean
kacha- sexual morality
kara- steel bracelent, omnipresence of god
kirpan- short daggar
What must males/females change their name to?
Males- singh- lion
females- kaur- princess
What is the Pani Piyare concept?
saint/soldier concept
What did Sikhism borrow from Hinduism?
Guru concept
twin doctrines of karma and reincarnation
What did Sikhism borrow from Islam?
one God conept
no clergy
minimal rites
no caste
no idols
What are the two swords called by every Sikh called and what do they mean?
Piri-defend religion
Miri- defend other Sikhs
What are the five institutions of Sikhism?
Granth- scriptures
Gurudwara- house of worship
Sangat- community of elders
Japji- sacred prayer
Langar- free meal to all after Sikh service
What is a takht?
Sikh center of worship
What are the five takhts?
-Amritsar- Harimandir Sahib- Golden Temple
- Talwandi- Nankana Sahib- Birthplace of Nanak
- Patna- Patna Sahib- Birthplace of the 10th Guru
- Anandpur- Keshgarh Sahib- Founding Place of the KHALSA
-Nander- Hazur Sahbi- Death place of the 10th Guru
What is the word for ego-centric way of life?
What is the word for theo-centric way of life?
True of False. Sikh has a formal clergy
What are the three Sikh religious offices?
Granthi- custodian of the Sikh scriptures
Giani- Sikh theologian
Ragis- hymn singers

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