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Miller Government Ch. 25


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A government unit set up by the state to administer state laws and business at the local level.
Counties are drawn up by area, rather than urban criteria.
A term used in Louisiana to describe describe administrative units of local government.
Administrative subunits of a city. In Alaska, a borough is the equivalent to a county.
County Board
The governing body of a county, elected by voters to carry out county business.
County-Manager Plan
Plan for county government in which policies are made by an elected body and are carried out by
a manager hired by and responsible to that party.
Cheif Administrator Plan
A plan for county government in which a chief administrative officer shares responsibilities in
certain key areas with the county board or with other individuals.
Elected Chief Executive Plan
A plan for county government in which the executive officer, such as a mayor, is elected directly
by the voters and works with the county board.
Urban Areas
Highly populated areas.
Local units of government that have the authority to govern urban or city areas.
The process of setting up a city through the granting of a charter by the state.
Dillon's Rule
A principle outlined by John F. Dillon’s Commentaries on the Law of Municipal Corporation
(1911) which states that municipal corporation possess only those powers that the states
expressly grant them.
Cooley's Rule
Derived from an 1871 decision by Michigan Judge Thomas Cooly, which states that cities should
be able ⬝ to rule from the home,⬝ that is, to govern them selves instead of being governed by the
state government.
Municipal Home Rule
The power vested in a local unit of government to draft or change it’s own character and to
manage it’s own affairs.
Home-rule City
A city with a charter that allows local voters to frame, adopt, and amend their own charters.
General-law City
A city operating understate laws that apply to all local government units of a similar type.
New England town
A governmental unit in New England states that combines the roles of city and county governments. "Town" includes a central village and surrounding rural areas, and practices direct democracy.
town meeting
A traditional form of New England town government in which direct democracy is practiced.
town manager system
A system adopted by some New England towns in which voters selsct selectmen who then appoint professional town managers.
Individuals selected by a township to serve on the local board and manage the daily affairs of the town.
Local government units that are subdivisions of counties and have similar governing procedures.
unincorporated areas
Areas not located within municipal boundaries.
commission plan
A plan for municipal government that consists of a commision of 3-9 members who have both legislative and executive powers.
council-manager plan
A form of municipal government in which a an elected city council appoints a professional manager who acts as the chief executive.
city manager
An official appointed by an elected city council to administer city government.
mayor-administrator plan
A plan of city government used in large urban areas in which the mayor plays a prominent political role. The mayor appoints a chief administrative officer whose function is to free the mayor from routine administrative tasks.
mayor-council plan
A plan for city government in which the mayor is an elected chief executive and the council is the legislative body.

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