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8th Grade Earth Science Atmospheric Structure and Measurement Packet


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Weather is the present condition of the atmosphere at any location. To understand weather, its causes, and how to predict it, we need to understand the atmosphere.
Based on what we have already learned, we would expect the spheres with the greatest density to be closest to Earth's Center and the spheres that are less dense to be the farthest from Earth's center.
This layer is the thinnest layer, as it extends only about 12 km above Earth's surface. The troposphere represents only 2% of the height of the atmosphere but holds 85% of the its mass. The troposphere is the most important layer to life on Earth as it contains the gases necessary to support life.
The layer above the troposphere, the stratosphere extends from about 12-50 km above Earth's surface. The stratosphereis less dense than the troposphere and where the ozone is found.
Thes mesosphere is located 50-83km above Earths surface and is the where incoming meteorites burn up to form shooting stars.
This layer is even less dense than the mesosphere and extends 80-300km above Earths surface. Scienctist know relatively little about the thermosphere because there is so little matter.
The outermost layer of Earths atmosphere is the largest, located 300-600km from Earths surface but it contains very little air. The exosphere is the transition zone between Earths atmoshpere and space.
Tropopause, Stratopause, Mesopause
-are boundaries that mark a sharp change in temperature behavior found between the atmospheric layers
Ozone Layer Facts
-absorbs ultraviolet light from the sun it convert the light energy to heat energy and warms up the atmosphere
Earth's Atmosphere Consist of _____________?

a. mostly oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and water vapor
b. entirely of ozone, nitrogen, and water vapor
c. of gases that cannot be compressed
d. of a mixture of gases, liquid droplet
d. of a mixture of gases, liquid droplets, and minute solid particles
The atmosphere is bound to Earth by
The force of gravity
Nearly all water vapor in the atmosphere is found within the _________
The greatest atmospheric pressure occurs in the ___________
The zone with the smallest vertical extent is the _______________
the measure of the kinetic or motion energy of the particles in the object being measured
insturment used to measure temperature
Air pressure
the weight of the atmosphere as Earths gravity pulls on air.
instrument used to measure air pressure
is the water vapor content of the air.
Relative humidity
expresses how full of moisiture the air is, because it is shown as a percent of the moisture that is in the air compared to how much the air could hold at that temperature
dew point
the temperature at some point will have dropped enough that the air is saturated
condesation that occurs on the surfaces of grass, plants, etc.
condensed small droplets of raim that remain suspended in the air as clouds
instrument used to measure helative humidity using a dry and wet bulb
What is evaporation of water?
the water is changing from a liquid to a gas
-wind direction is named for the direction toward which it blows
-wind blows from regions of higher pressure to lower pressure
-the steeper gradient the greater the wind speed

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