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What is the most mature follicle?
Spermatozoa survive up to about, how many hours in a female?
48 hours
Which muscle forms part of the spermatic cord?
Cremaster muscle
___________ stimulates _________ to secrete testosterone?
LH/ Leydig cells
The midpiece of male spermatozoa contains?
Which part of the male accessory glands secrete a milky fluid that is rich in fructos and clotting proteins?
Seminal Vesicles
Inhibin secreted by Sertoli cells has negative feedback and lowers FSH? (TRUE OR FALSE)
Testosterone does all of the below except?
A)stimulates male sex organ development
B)Stimulates development of male secondary sex char.
C) increase libido
D) Stimulates leydig cells
D) Leydig cells produce testosterone.
The pH. of semen is?
7.2 - 7.6
What chemical is released by parasympathetics during erection?
Nitic oxide
What is a symptom of benign prostatic hyperplasia?
Decrease in urine stream, hesitancy
The primary oocyte has ___ chromosomes?
The state (stage) of the egg in primordial follicles is?
prophase meiosis I
The epithelial cells in a primary follicle are also called?
granulosa cells
If twenty primary follicles form per month, you would expect that 40 secondary follicles for each month? (true or false)
Cervical mucus becomes thin and elastic at about 7 and 8 days of the menstrual cycle? (true and false)
False, it's midcycle
The layer of the endometrium that is shed each months is the?
stratum functionalis
pelvic inflammatory disease may spread up into the uterin tubes, causing permenent scarring? (true or false)
A major factor that increases the risk of breast cancer is?
a long length of time between onset of menses and the first pregnancy
declining of which hormone, constricts the spiral arterioles in the endometrium of menstration?
declining progesterone
Which hormone is the main factor that stimulates the corpus luteum during the second half of the cycle?
Which level of estrogen has postive feedback on LH levels?
high levels of estrogen
the highest estrogen levels of a typical menstrual cycle occur?
just after ovulation
In a postmenopausal woman, adipose tissue converts androstenedione to estrone, which is a major source of her circulating estrogens. Ovarian secretion of estradiol is minimal. (true or false)
IF fertilization occurs, _____ secreted during early pregnancy stimulates the corupus luteum to produce _______ & _______?
hCG / estrogen & progesterone
what is the name for the top, dome shaped region of the uterus?
ovarian pain of ovulation is called?
which hormone causes salt and water retention in females, increased motility of the fallopian tubes, and development of female secondary sex characteristics?
uterine cycles, days 6-13 are called?
proliferative phase
which hormone changes the endometrium from a proliferativing structure to a secretory structure?
in primordial follicles, what phase is the primary oocyte stuck in for many years?
prophse meiosis I
which female sex hormone is given to postmenopausal females to decrease the risk of osteoporosis?
if timed from the first (1) day of the last menstrual period, the average normal pregnancy averages _____ weeks?
the process by which ejaculated spermatozoa actually become capable of fertilization in the female is called?
the early sources of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy are?
corpus luteum
Once a spermatozoa penetrates an egg, the egg normally becomes impenetrable by other spermatozoa? (true or false)
the embryonic period lasts through week ____ of development?
what secrete hCG?
a fetus breathing amniotic fluid in and out is?
a) a sign of fetal distress or b) normal?
b) normal
there are normally _______ umbilical arterie(s)?
what is the main source of a woman's estrogen and progesterone during the last few months of pregnancy?
what does not cross the placenta?
maternal IgM antibody (too large)
which hormone does not stimulate maintenance of the endometrium and/or breast development during pregnancy?
what is the name of the condition during pregnancy that results in seizures and coma?
what happens to cardiac output and heart rate, during pregnancy?
increases by 20 to 30%, and hr increases by 10 to 15%
which hormone causes increases synthesis of oxytocin receptors in the myometrium?
which hormone antagonizes the lactating effects of prolactin late in pregnancy?
The cervic does not dilate to 10 cm., until the end of the second stage of labor? (true or false)
false, dilates to 10cm. at the end of the first stage, the end of the second stage the baby has been born.
which stage involves actual delivery of the placenta?
which hormone cause decreased cell glucose uptake and increased lipolysis in the mother?
hCS (human chorionic somatomammatropin)
fetuses often have enough surfactant for survival in the outside world by the end of week?
28, about 7 months
the hormone that causes milk letdown is?
the cloudy fluid secreted during the first three days of nursing is called?
if you are talking about the chromosomes in an individual, they are paired: you have 23 pairs... one member of each pair came from your mother, the other from your father. the chromosomes of a pair that contain genes are the same traits are called?
say B=brown eyes and b=blue eyes. say two heterozygous parents mate. the woman gets pregnant. what is the probability that she will have homozygous dominant child (BB)?
which law of inheritance is the principle of independent assortment?
aging may cause damage to microtubules involved in separation of chromosomes during meisosis; the result may be trisomy 21. (true or false)
which syndrome is 47, XXY?
which syndrome is XO?
translocation from part of chromosome 22 to 9 may result in ?
which genetic disorder is autosomal recessive, and is controlled by dietary restriction of a certain amino acid?
if 45, X produces Turner syndrome and 47 XXY produces Klinefelter syndrome, which statment is true regarding the number of sex chromosomes responsible for producing males & females?
one Y chromosome is necessary to produce a male
a cell that has one or more chromosome of a set added or deleted is called?
what is the genotype of someone with sickle trait?
which condition promotes sickling of red cells?
low oxygen
dartos and cremaster muscle will, _____________ in response to low temperatures?
which of the following cells create the blood-teste barrier?
sertoli cells
one primary spermatocyte will create _______ spermatids?
primary spermatocytes and secondary spermatocytes are both ________________?
most mitochondria are found in which region of the sperm?
LH directly _____________ testosterone release?
sterocilia are found in which region of the male reproductive tract?
ductus deferens, ejaculatory duct epididymis or seminal vesicle; which does sperm not pass through?
seminal vesicle
what is the source of sperm ATP?
GnRH affects which part of the pituitary gland?
which hormone causes the development of the corpus luteum?

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