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Civil Procedure Rules 1-3


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a. Rule 1—Creation
Rule 1—Creation
ii. It applies to all civil courts (common law, equity, and maritime). The only thing they cannot govern is found under rule 81 (don’t worry about specifics of this rule). The FRCP must be administered to construe just, speedy, and an inexpensive determination of every action. This is based on policy rationale and tells us how we to construe these rules to do justice.
Rule 1— history and Creation
Congress enacted the Rules Enabling Act (28 USC § 2072) where they delegated the US Supreme Court the power to promulgate the rules of civil procedure so that they would apply to all federal courts. They govern the procedure. A commission was responsible for preparing these rules. They became effective around 1939.
Rule 2—Civil Action
There shall be one form of action known as a civil action. So things like trover and trespass on the case are longer used a description of the action. “Civil action” is the only sufficient label.
Rule 3—Commencement
A civil action is commenced when you file a complaint with the court.
Rule 3 discuss alternatives
NC Law—Rule 3
Emergency Rule—this rule can be used when a client comes in for consultation just before the SOL is about to expire on the action.
NC Law—Rule 3 Emergency Rule
This special summons will be labeled as the commencement date of the civil action (so that the atty. will beat the SOL) and give a 20 day extension to prepare the complaint and file it with the court.

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