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hx of >4 pregnancies, long labor, and oxcytocin may lead to post partal hemorrhage d/t:
uterine atony
late decelerations are associtated with what?
fetal hypoxia
bradycardia of ____ breaths/min is normal for 6-10 days post partum
if fetus is experiencing uteroplacental insufficency or if fetus is <32wks the NST will be:
nonreactive d/t CNS immaturity
this teat is used to i.d. a compromised fetus
a complication of hormone replacement therapy is?
dilantin may cause this sensory impariment
blurred vision
beta- adrenergic blockers are used to:
decrease IOP
general adaption theory
adapting to chronic stress may lead to neg. effects on body system
stimulus based stress model
used to i.d. stressors and predict responses to stress
transactional stress model
cognitive, emotional, and coping response to stress
substance P acts on what?
blood vessels
bradykinin (what it does & where it takes place)
it causes release of histamine and prostaglandins

it acts on nerve endings
TENS unit (3)
1 does not stimulate opiate receptors.
2 it promotes release of endorphines or blocks passage of pain.
3 it acts locally to stimulate non pain receptors in the same area
gardnerella is a vaginal disorder caused by what?
increased levels of PH
flank pain and hematuria are S/S of?
kidney infection
pilocarpine is used to treat what?
it works by decreasing IOP
some s/e of pilocarpine are (2)
1-tachycardia & hypertension
2-increase mobility of GI tract causing diarrhea
atropine is used for what?
it is used to dialate pupils, & relax smooth muscle.
breast enlargement in men R/T meds like digoxin.
anterior pituitary gland secrets___ to produce sperm
progestin only birth control pills work by:
thickening the cervix.
emergency contraceptives are given when.
within the first 72hrs, usually 12-14hrs after sex. meds are given 12hrs apart.
atrophic vaginitis occurs after menopause r/t what?
also name some S/S.
decrease levels of estrogen, which causes thinning of vag lining.

s/s: burning, itching and cheesey like d/c.
PID is characterized by what?
abd pain, malaise, N/V & fever w leukocytosis.
foul purulent d/c if untreated may lead to backache constipation and menstrual disturbance.
frequency of newly occurring disease cases
total number of disease cases
agency that deals w primary health concerns. it monitors incidence of diseases throughout world.
the zygote enters the uterus and becomes a what?
morula about 12-16 cells.
once the morula's central cavity fills w fluid it becomes a what?
once the trophoblast attaches to uterine endometrium, the endometrium becomes this?
chorion is thick outer membrane that developes from throphoblast. it gives off this hormone _____ which does what?
it signals the corpus luteum in the ovary to cont. to make estrogen and progestin.
the inner layer of the blastcyst is called the ____ which develops from ectoderm.
alcohol may lead to this while pregnant
abruptio placentae.
chorionic villus sampling is done at how many wks pregnant?
NST is done in what trimester
chadwicks sign
increase circulation to vag. area. vaginal and cervix area turns a bluish color.
hegar's sign
softening of uterus
goodell's sign
softening of the cervix
estrogen is responsible for what during pregnancy?
enlargment of uterus, breast, genitalia, vasodilation, and relaxation of joints.
progesterone is responsible for what during pregnancy?
relaxation of smooth muscle which decreases uterin contractility.
oxytocin is secreted by what?
pituitary gland
epulis is caused by vaso dilarion brought on by what hormone during preg.
blood glucose screen is done at how many wks of preg?
if blood glucose is over ____ then a 3hr glucose test is ordered.
placenta previa
placenta implants low on the interior of the uterine wall, near the cervical os
abruptio placentae
premature separtion of a normally planted placenta.
abruptio placentae is c/b what?
PIH, smoking or cocaine use.
it causes shock or death to infant as well as brain damage r/t lack of O2.
s/s dark red painful bleeding w continuos contractions, low b/p may also be noted.
PIH is c/b what? and may lead to what?
damage to endothelieum which causes vasospasms throughout body.
may lead to cerebral hemorrhage, cardiac failure w pulm. edema
s/s of PIH include
dyspnea, h/a, blurred vision, and n/v.
cell division. decrease in # of chromosomes 23 from each partner.
FHR >160bpm >10min may result from?
fever or dehydration
FHR <160bpm >10min may be c/b
what 3 things?
hypoxia d/t anesthetic, maternal hypotention
umb, cord compression.
late decelerartions
FHR<100bpm occurs as contractions peaks. has a long recovery time.
may be c/b uteroplacental insuff., hypertention, DM, or pitocin adm.
variable decelerations
anoxia d/t cord compression.
after birth palpate the fundus q what?______
the nurse should also make sure that______to avoid hemorrhage.
palpate the fundus q 15 min.

make sure the bladder is empty to avoid hemorrage
reddish area between eyes and neck that blanch under pressure (goes away after 2yrs)
stork bites
flat red marks on eyelids between eyes and neck
telangiectatic nevi flat
a breast fed baby may have ________ (stools)
while a bottle fed baby may have_________
3-4 golden yellow stools

1-2 white yellow stools
fluid needs for a newborn
HELLP syndrome
r/t PIH
liver enzymes increase as well as albumin. urine out on the other hand may decrease.
theraputic range for magnesium
hydatiifom mole
change in placenta causes chroinic villi to turn into grape like clusters.

may cause hyperemessis,
hcg increases
large uterus
treatment for hydatiifom mole may include
abortion, hysterectomy, monitor hcg for 1yr.
terbutaline sulfate
prevents contractions.
may cause hypotention and tachycardia
given 24-48hrs after birth to increase lung maturity.
med used to soften cervix
leopold's manever is used to asses what
fetal lie
CST monitors resp. function of what?
proprioception is responsible for what?
body's balance. can be effected by DM or arthritis.
tonometry is used to meassure IOP, a normal reading would be what?
between 12-21mmhg
ability to focus on near objects diminishes w age.
c/b lack of elasticity
causes person to need bifocals.
macular degeneration
leads to central vision loss.
corticosteroids may lead to what eye condition?
accutane may lead to what sensory imparment?
Increase in IOP and damage to optic nerve.
TB meds may be damaging to what?
Rods and cones
anticholoinergics used to dilate pupils
mydriatics and cycloplegics
hydrocortisone should be given NASAIDs because it
may cause IOP
glaucoma meds may include
steroids and cycloplegics to decrease inflamation and dilate pupils
progressive hearing loss is known as what?
treatment for otosclerosis
be sure to check for meningitis or facial paralysis
failure of muscle coordination, present w vestibular disease
with the gate control theory activation of the A fibers:
close gate
with the gate control theory activation of the C fibers:
opens gate
A fibers are what?
large fibers
sharp and localized
five biochemical mediators are?
sub p
biochemical mediator that causes inflamation
sub p
ascending modulation
large sensory fibers (A fiber) controlled by massage, heat, cold, tens, opiods.
descending modulation
release of endorphins, bio chemical inhibitors and distraction
ghonorrhea (meds)
treated with PCN or rocephin
trajectory model

crisis phase
symptoms pose a threat
trajectory model

acute phase
hospitilization required
trajectory model

unstable phase
changes in recovery
trajectory model

downward phase
focus on adaption of interventions to promote coping and stabilty.
mag sulfate is used for
tocolytic therapy or eclampsia
tocolytic works by relaxing uterin muscle.
yellow staining on brain cause by hyperbilirubinemia
can cause yellow staining on brain
c/d rh incompatibility
yolk sac and amniotic cavity is formed by what?
during early stages of pregnancy the corpus lueteal is maintained by what?
romberg test
indicates loss of sense of position.
mag sulfate toxicity may lead to
absence of deep tendon reflexes
alpha-fetoprotien test is done at___wks to determine what?
neural tube defects

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