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HCCF: 160 CH 12-14


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During mid-late childhood children they grow how many inches a year?
How much weight do they gain?
5-7 lbs
What kind of growth results in this weight gain?
Muscle and bone growth
Are tendons loose or rigid during this period?
Primary teeth begin to fall out at about what age?
Generally how long does it take for the secondary teeth to come in?
5 years
Why are over 1/2 of children 5-17 are now cavity free?
flouride in the water
What is Malocclusion?
crooked teeth
Orthodontics are best done when?
Motor development is ? and more ?
Smoother and more coordinated
Does precision at sports becomes more refined?
Are these children able to master of Climbing, jumping, skating etc⬦
Why are fine motor skills improved at this age?
Increased Mylenization
Does physical activity or sitting for a long period of time exhaust these children?
What happens in middle and late childhood to body weight?
it doubles
How many calories do children nee on average?
The food pyramid focuses on reducing ? because the American diet contains to much of it.
saturated fats
Are children getting enough exercise?
– % participating in P.E. classes
• 1969 – 80%
• 1999 – 20%
Less that what % of parents of children in grades 1-4 exercised 3 days a week?
Roughly what % said they get no vigorous exercise at all?
What are the benefits for children who exercise 30 minutes 3 times a week?
– Greater cardiovascular fitness
– Less body fat
What is obesity?
20% over expected body weight
Is BMI accurate in children?
No, Because of the wide variations in
development and gender
Are girls or boys more likely to become obese?
What is the chance that an obese child will become an obese adult?
What is the chance that an obese adolesent will become an obese adult?
What are the factors linked with Obesity?
• Heredity
– Body type, height, body fat composition,
and metabolism are inherited from parents
What is leptin?
• Decreases food intake and increases energy
• Some people (and mice) don’t produce
enough leptin
Simple sugars make insulin levels do what?
spike and fall off rapidly
Grains and other carbs make insulin levels do what?
rise and then slowly fall off
What are the medical and psychological problems related to obesity?
– High blood pressure
– Low self esteem
– Depression
– Sleep apnea
– Hip problems
– High Cholestorol
Are Disease and Death less
prevalent at this stage
than other stages?
What is the leading cause of death?
– Motor Vehicle Accidents
• Passengers
• Pedestrians
– Bike accidents
• helmets

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