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Exam 70-528: Web-Based Client Development - Profile Properties


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What configuration elements are used to define profile properties?
What class provides untyped access to profile property values and information?
What class is generated from profile properties defined in a configuration file?
What property can be used to get the ProfileBase object for the current user profile?
What method can be used for weakly typed access to a profile property?
What method can be used for weakly typed modification of a profile property?
What method is used by ASP.NET to create an instance of a profile for the specified user name?
What attribute, of the profile configuration element, can be used to specify the fully qualified base class name for the ProfileCommon class generated by Visual Studio?
How are profiles for anonymous users recognized by ASP.NET?
By storing the user id in a cookie.
What event can be used to migrate information from a user's anonymous identity to a new authenticated identity?
What class manages the creation of the user profile and profile events?
What event can be handled to customize how user profiles are created?
When automatic save is enabled, what event can be handled to control how user profiles are saved?
What property gets a value indicating whether the user profile will be automatically saved at the end of the execution of an ASP.NET page?
What is the only way to set the ProfileManager.AutomaticSaveEnabled property?
Using the automaticSaveEnabled attribute, of the profile configuration element, in a configuration file.
What class is used to manage profile settings, search for user profiles, and delete user profiles that are no longer in use?
What are the four ways profile proerties can be serialized?
1. Binary
2. ProviderSpecific
3. String
4. Xml
What attribute controls how a property is serialized?
The serializeAs attribute of the add config element for a property.
When handling the ProfileModule.ProfileAutoSaving event, what property can be used to cancel saving a user's profile?

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