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Art for Romantic unit test


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"Travels in France: Signs of Revolution"
Arthur Young
-there was a strong desire for Liberty, especially after the American Revolution
-extreme debt/poverty after helping America during the revolution
"The Cahiers: Discontents of the Third Estate"
1st estate= clergy (corrupt)--didn't pay taxes, accumulated money, and also got money from people
2nd estate= nobility
3rd estate= everybody else
-everyone should pay taxes
-members of the third estate are qualified for all positions
-freedom of the press
"What is the Third Estate?"
-decides that chaos must come to a conclusion
-"confidence below, authority above."
-calls upon Napoleon to be savior
"Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen"
-little bit of the Declaration of Indepence/little bit of the US consitution
-going back to the thoughts of the Enlightenment
"Declaration of the Rights of Woman"
Olympe de Gouges
-exactly like Wollstonecraft
-of all of the efforts that working going on during the revolution "LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY"--women's rights were ignored
"US Declaration of Independence"
-American "Declaration of Indepence" very similar to French "Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen" (1789)
"Working Conditions in England"
-people worked rediculous hours
-many people were injured and had deformities, especially children
-people needed legislative protection
-wealth used to be based on land and property, but now its all on money
"Sybil, or the Two Nations: Mining Towns."
Bengamin Disraeli
-circumstances ideal for a revolution
-"those who have and have not"
-people overlooked the poor conditions of the workers
"The Condition of the Working Class in England"
Friedrich Engels
-son of a millionaire
-talks about class struggles and poor conditions of people
-fundamental ideals of socialism (he was friend of Marx)
"Self-Help: Middle-Class Attitudes."
Samuel Smiles
-"heaven helps those who help themselves."
-believes that the working class could worker harder to get out of their current situation, but they're lazy
"Father Goriot: Money and the Middle Class."
-money is the cause and solution for problems
"Secret Memorandum to Tsar Alexander I, 1820: Conservative Principles."
-father of conservatism (reactionaries)
-want to go back to the way things were pre-revolution
-want to bring back traditional class/social hierarchy, religious, Romantic values and ideas
-"PRESUMPTION"--trying too hard to make the world a perfect place
"Carlsbad Decrees, 1819: Conservative Repression"
-conseratives agreed to remove from power teachers who helped fuel the liberal/nationalistic movements
-extremely censored press
"English Liberalism"
-very similar to John Locke
-wants the gov't to stay out of things
-"pain and pleasure"
-"community is a fictitious body"--community wealth is nothing more than the wealth of its individuals
"Liberalism: Progress and Optimism"
The Economist
-agriculture is the only occupation that still requires actual man power
-feel that they are excelling in all walks of life in the past 50 years (liberal economists)
"The Tables Turned: The Glories of Nature"
William Wordsworth
-Romantic poetry meant to overwhelm us
-nature--abandon books and go to nature
-pokes at the philosophes
-"Enough of Science and Art..."

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