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7. Glucose methods


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What are 3 types of methods for blood glucose measurement?
1. Copper reduction
2. Ferric reduction
3. Enzymatic
What are 4 different copper reduction methods?
1. Folin-Wu
2. Somogyi-Nelson
3. Benedict's
4. Neocupoine
What are the 2 types of enzymatic glucose methods?
1. Glucose oxidase
2. Hexokinase
What is the principle of the hexokinase method?
-Glucose + ATP is converted to G6P and ADP by hexokinase
-G6P and NAD+ are converted to 6-PG and NADH by G6P-dehydrogenase.
What is the principle of the glucose oxidase method?
-Glucose + O2 is converted to Gluconic acid and Peroxide by glucose oxidase.
-Peroxide + Red dye produces oxidized dye and water.
What types of blood specimens are drawn for glucose tests?
1. Fasting
2. 2-hr post prandial
3. Oral glucose tolerance OGTT
Is OGTT only for gestational diabetes?
no; also done for nonpregnant adults.
Why would a OGTT be done on a nonpregnant adult?
-If classic DM symptoms
-Elevated Fasting glucose on >1 occasion
-Sustained glucose elevation throughout OGTT
What 2 analytes in urine especially suggest DM?
Which is a more specific method; hexokinase or glucose oxidase? Why?
Glu oxidase; it uses a mutarotase to put all the glucose in the B-glucose form.

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