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Childhood disorders


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Mental retardation: when is it diagnosed?
in childhood before 18 yrs of age
What AXIS does mental retardation fall?
AXIS II because it is a lifelong pattern/behavior
How is mental retardation diagnosed?
-show 2 significant limitations in adaptive skills (ADLs)
-IQ test
What are the mental retardation ranges?
mild, moderate, severe, profound
What IQ score is related to mild to moderate retardation?
This group is EDUCABLE. They can learn to read and write.
What IQ score is related to moderate retardation?
50/55 to 40/35
This group is TRAINABLE. They can be trained to perform rote tasks
-Not able to learn to read and write, but can communicate.
What IQ score is related to severe retardation?
40/35 to 20
This group is very deficient in survival and ADL skills.
IF they get TX and with a care giver, they can learn some survival words: water, pee, eat.
What IQ score is related to profound retardation?
less than 20
This group tends to be bedridden; may walk, but uncoordinated.
May crawl.
OT teaches caregiver how to manage
What is the prevelance?
1-3% of pop
What is the etiology?
*born to older women
*born to none HS graduates
*prenatal mutations
*chemical/enviro toxins
*paranatal- Hypoxia (lack of O2 during birth)cause cerebral palsy
*mechanical injury: baby falls, child abuse,near drowning
What are AXIS I childhood disorders?
* oppositional defiant disorder
* conduct disorder
* disorder of elimination
Define oppositional defiant disorder
(-) hostile defiant behavior; a more muted verson of conduct disorder that last 6 mos.
What age are the behaviors reflected?
Under 16...common by age 10
What are the behaviors?
How many of the behaviors are required to meet criteria and for how long
4 for 6 mos.
What is conduct disorder?
persistent, repetitive pattern of behavior in which the rights of others and society, and norms are violated.
Who is the malbehavior inflicted on?
* person/animal
* property/objects
* norms/rules
What is the range for conduct behavior?
mild, moderate, severe
What criteria is needed for mild disorder?
3 mild malbehaviors in 1 year
What criteria is needed for severe disorder?
1 severe malbehavior in 6 mos.
What is the typical age?
By the age of 10
What is disorder of elimination?
Voiding/elimination in inappropriate places
What are the two subtypes of disorder of elimination?
1) enuresis
2) encopresis
What is enuresis?
Void of urine in inappropriate places
What is the occurance rate and age limitation to get the dx of enurisis?
2 incidences in a week for 3 month duration when child is 5 year old and older
What is the occurance rate and age limitation to get the dx of encopresis?
1 incidence in a month duration of 3 mos in a row when child is 4 yrs and older

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