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science vocab. ch. 16


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substances in food that provide the raw materials and energy the body needs to carry out all the essential life processes
the amount of energy neede to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one Celsius degree
energy rich organic compounds, such as sugars, and starchs, that are made of the elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. they provide the raw material that make parts of your cells
a complex carbohydrate, found in plant foods, that cannot be broken down into sugar molecules by the body
high energy nutrients that are composed of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen and it containsmore than twice as much energy as an equal amount of carbohydrates
unsaturated fats
fats, such as oil and canola oil, that are usually liquid at room temperature
saturated fats
fats, such as butter, that are usually solid at room temperature
a waxy, fatlike substance, found only in animal products, that is an important part of the body's cells
large organic molecules made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sometimes sulfur; they are needed for tissue growth and repair and play a part in chemical reactions within cells
amino acids
small units that are linked together chemically to form large protein molecules
molecules that act as helpers in a variety of chical reactions within the body

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