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Biology ch 4


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cell wall
a layer of material, normally made up of cellulose, that is outside the plasma membrane of plants, fungi, backeria and some protists. it protects, supports cell
plasma membrane
isolates cell contents from environment, regulates movement of materials into and out of cell, communicates with other cells
gentic material
encodes information needed to contsruct cell and control cellular activity (dna)
contain and control use of dna
membrance bound container for chromosomes/genetic material
nuclear envelope
double membrance system surrouding that encloses nucleus of eukaryotic cells; regulates movement of materials into and out of nucleus
synthesizes components of ribosomes
has double membrane - extracts energy from sugar molecules and stored in ATP bonds - produce energy by aerobic metabolism
the organelle in plans and plantlike protists that performs photosynthesis, surrounded by a double membrane
provide site of protein synthesis
smooth endoplasmic reticulum
provides site for molecules (such as phospholipids and choloesteral ) to be packaged and shipped elsewhere in the cell
rough endoplasmic reticulum
series of interconnected membrane encolsed channels in the cytoplasm - has embedded ribosomes and provides sites wehre proteins are manufactured
golgi complex
a stack of membranous sacs, found in most eukaryotic cells, that is the site of processing and separtion of membrance components and secretory materials - modifies and packages proteins and lipids, synthesizes carbohydrates - used as transfer station for substances
organelle containing digestive enzymes
central vacuole
a large, fluid filled vacuole occupying most of the volume of many plant cells - helps keep the right amount of water in the cell and provides a dump site for hazardous waste
a network of protein fibers in the cytoplasm that gives shape and support to cell; positions and moves cell parts
synthesize microtubules of cilia and flagella
cilia and flagella
move cell through fluid or move fluid past cell surface
material inside plasma membrane where most of the cells metabolic activies occur
nucleoid region
holds dna in prokaryotic cells

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