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Penne Marinara
Penne w/ marinara
Add MOZZ $1
Angel hair Pomodoro
Very light. Tom, angel hair, basil, GLOW SAUCE: gar,lemon, olv oil, wh. wine, chicken broth
Fettucini Alfredo
Cream, PARM chz, gar
Broccoli Fusili
Broc, mush, tom, sundried tom, PARM, GLOW sauce, LOT of LEMON
Carbonara Fett
Like Alfredo, bug Egg, GRN onions, Diced pancetta bacon added
Pesto Pasta
Basil, pinenuts, parm, olv oil, garl (finely chopped in food processor)> served w/ penne, touch of cream added
ADD Sauteed chkn or 6 shrimp for upsell
Chicken Penne
Sauteed chkn, spinach, tom, basil, parm chz, GLOW
Dijon Mustard Bowtie
Sauteed Chkn, TOM: tom, onion, mush. wh wine, dijon mustard
Penne Bolognese
Penne in rich mt sauce, made w/ bf and pork
Chicken and Goat Cheese
Sauteed Chkn, sundried tom, mush, basil, olv oil, gar goat chz crumbled on top of linguini pasta
Pasta Primavera
Penne, mush, carrots, broc, pinenuts, zucc, tom, basil, (GLOW), ADD Spinach + pease for $1.95, Not vegetarian b/c of chkn broth
Linguini and CLAMS
Clams steamed open, shallots, white wine, oregano, basil and garl. big bowl. choice of white sauce or red: red has touch of mar
Shrimp and scallops
5 shrimps, 5 scallops, TOM, angel hair + spicy mar
SEAfood al bianco
sauteed shrimp, scallops,calamari, tom, sweet basil, chili flakes in lemon butter sauce tossed with linguini pasta

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