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Drug Class - Antianemics


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What are antianemics used for?
Prevention and treatment of anemias.
Other names for iron? (7)
ferrous fumerate
ferrous gluconate
ferrous sulfate
iron dextran*
iron sucrose*
polysaccharide-iron complex
sodium ferric gluconate
Why is iron important?
required for production of hemoglobin, which is necessary for oxygen transport to cells
Which water-soluable vitamins are required for red blood cell production?
hydroxocobalamin (Vitamin
folic acid
Which compounds stimulate production of red blood cells?
Which compound stimulate production of erythropoetin?
Contraindication to taking antianemics include?
undiagnosed anemias
hemolytic anemia (iron)
uncontrolled hypertension
(darbepoetin, epoetin)
Precautions for use of iron?
use iron compounds with asterik (card #2) cautiously in patients with history of allergies or hypersensitivity reactions
Oral iron can decrease the absorption of?
________ may impair the therapeutic response to iron.
Vitamin E
_________ and other anticonvulsants may decrease the absorption of folic acid
Response to _________ or ______ _________ may be delayed by chloramphenicol Darbepoetin and epoetin may increase the requirement for heparin during hemodialysis.
Vitamin B12
folic acid
To determine need for antianemics, assess patient's _________ _______
and __________ ____________ to determine possible causes for anemia and need for patient teaching.
nutritional status
dietary history
Potential nursing diagnoses
for antianemics? (3)
Activity intolerance
Nutrition imbalanced: less
than body requirements
Knowledge, deficient, related
to disease processes and
medication regimen.
What are some patient/family teaching tips for anemia?
Follow hcp advice.
Best sources of vitamins and
minerals is a well-balanced
diet with foods from the
four basic food groups.
Don't overmedicate with
vitamin and mineral
supplements as side
effects are yet unproven.
Patient goals/outcome for anemia might be?
Patient's anemia will resolve in (state amount of time).
Some antianemic hormones include? (3)
darbepoetin Aranesp

epoetin Epogen, EPO, {Eprex}, erythropoietin, Procrit

nandrolone decanoate
Deca-Durabolin, Hybolin Deca
Some iron supplements include? (8)
carbonyl iron
100% iron
Feosol, Icar

ferrous fumarate
33% elemental iron
Femiron, Feostat, Fumasorb, Fumerin, Hemocyte, Neo-Fer, {Nephro-Fer}, {Novofumar}, {Palafer}, Span-FF

ferrous gluconate
12% elemental iron
{Apo-Ferrous Gluconate}, Fergon, Ferralet, {Fertinic}, {Novoferrogluc}, Simron

ferrous sulfate
30% elemental iron
{Apo-Ferrous Sulfate}, ED-IN-SOL, Fe50, Feosol, Feratab, Fer-gen-sol, Fer-In-Sol, Fer-Iron, {Fero-Grad}, {Novoferrosulfa}, {PMS Ferrous Sulfate}, Slow FE

iron dextran
DexFerrum, InFeD

iron polysaccharide
Hytinic, Niferex, Nu-Iron

iron sucrose

sodium ferric gluconate
Some antianemics with vitamins include? (3)
cyanocobalamin Vitamin B12

folic acid {Apo-Folic}, folate, Folvite, {Novo-folacid}, vitamin B


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