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General Knowledge 2


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How much time in grade is required for promotion to SGT?
8 months (half of the time can be waivered)
When the board is an all enlisted board, what requirement exists in regards to the president of the board?
Must be a command sergeant major or a frocked CSM. If no CSM, senior member may be a SGM
Name the 2 types of promotion point adjustments that are authorized.
Correction of an error, adding of additional administrative points.
When transporting a casualty using the one man carry, what is the best carry to use for long distance?
Pistol Belt Carry
All chaplains are addressed as "Chaplain". When a chaplain is addressed in writing, how is the grade indicated?
Grade is indicated in parentheses
Prior to engagement of hostile aircraft with small arms, what rate of fire is selected
Highest rate of fire for the weapon
When is the soldier's name on the secondary zone list for promotion to grade SGT be transferred to the primary zone?
First day of the month in which be completes 36 months of active federal service.
Name the ranks of "Field Grade Officers"
Major, Lt Colonel, Colonel
What is the basic counter-intelligence responsibility of every soldier?
To keep information about yourself, your unit, and any other military information you might have from falling into unauthorized hands.
Some of the means of communication are Radio, telepone, and messenger. Which of these is the most secure means for enemy interception?
What is the purpose of the clothing allowance?
To repair or replace issued clothing bag items
How long should a soldier be in the army before he starts receiving a clothing allowance?
6 months
What is the purpose of the troop layout inspections?
To see that you have all the clothing and equipment issued to you, and that you are properly maintaining these items.
What are the 3 classifications of supplies and equipment?
expendable, nonexpendable, durable
When speaking of supplies and equipment, what is meant by "durable"
Durable items which are not consumed in use, retain their original identity, but are neither expendable nor nonexpendable.
What is the lowest enlisted grade authorized to perform headcount?
What does the letters "PMOS" stand for?
Primary military occupational specialty
What is the table of organization and equipment?
An army authorization document which prescribes the amount of personnel and equipment necessary for a unit to perform its mission (TO&E)
What is the table of distribution and allowances?
Any army authorization document which prescribes the organizational structure for a unit having a unique mission for which a "TOE" does not exist. It normally contains a large percentage of civilian positions.
In relation to the "QMP" what is the reenlistement ineligibility point?
Maximum number of years of active federal service authorized for a soldier in a specific grade.
What are two types of inspections?
In-ranks, quarters
What percentage of assigned and attached PFC soldiers may have less than 12 months time in service as outlined by HQDA?
20 percent, but can change based on HQDA guidance
When does the unit commander review an approved bar to reenlistment?
At least every 6 months after the date of approval, and 30 days before the soldier's scheduled departure from the unit or separation from the army
Who is the final approving authority for any bar to reenlistment?
At least one approval level higher then the initiating authority. If initiated by a commander above company level, must be approved by general officer or general court martial convening authority level or at USAEEA
A soldier can be administratively discharge for unsatisfactory performance under what authority?
AR 635-200, Chapter 13
A soldier can be administratively discharged for failure to meet army weight control standards under what authority?
AR 635-200, Chapter 5
What section of the Military Personnel File on microfiche in not viewed by selection boards and career managers without written approval.
The restricted fiche

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