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Miller Government Ch. 19


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a person employed by a bureaucracy
A large organization that is structured hierarchically to carry out specific functions
independent executive agency
A federal agency with a specific function that reports directly to the president.
partisan politics
politics in support of a particular party's ideology
independent regulatory agency
Responsible for for a specific type of public policy. Its function is to create and implement rules that regulate private activity and protect the public interestin a particular sector of the economy.
government corporation
An agency of government that is run as a business enterprise. such an agency is established when the activity is primarily commercial, produces revenue, and requires greater flexibility than permitted in most government agencies.
civil service
The term used for the system governing the civilian employees of the government and generally for those who obtained employment through the merit system.
spoils system
An arrangement under which the political party that wins the election gives jobs to its own party members.
merit system
The syste used to select, promote, and retain government employees based on comtetitive exams and service reviews.
A government employee that calls public attention to fraud, mismanagement, or waste in his or her own agency or department.
neutral competency
Federal bureaucrats are expected to exhibit neutral competency, which means that they are supposed to apply their technical skills to their jobs without regard to political issues.
iron triangle
Term used for a three-way alliance between bureaucrats, legislators, and interest groups to make or preserve policies that benefit their respective personal interests

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