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Cosmetology - Chemistry and Electricity


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Organic chemistry is the study of substances containng this?
Which is an example of organic substances? Pesticides, pure water, metals or minerals?
Matter is any substance that _______.
Occupies Spaces
This is the particles from which all matter is composed.
2 or more atoms of the same element that are united form this.
Elemental Molecule
What states of matter does water change from and then to when boiled?
Liquid to Gas
When a physical change occurs in a substance there is a change in the what?
Physical Properties
The action of permanent haircolor is an example of what?
A Chemical Change
Water (H2O) is an example of a what?
Chemical Compound
Salt water and fruit salad are examples of what?
A Physical Mixture
A blended mixture of 2 or more solids, liquids, or gases is an example of what?
Liquids that can be mixed together in any proportion without separating are what?
This is a solution that dissolves another solution to form a solution, without changing the chemical composition.
A mixture that must be shaken well or mixed before using.
Most of the emulsions used in a salon are what?
Water in Oil Emulsions
Emulsions are mixtures of 2 or more what?
Immiscible Substances
The head of a surfactant molecule is water loving or what?
These are substances that are often used instead of Ammonia in hair because their odor is not as strong.
This is a colorless gas with a strong odor, composed of hydrogen and nitrogen.
In pure water, some molecules naturally ionize into hydrogen ions and what?
Hydroxide Ions
pH is only possible because of ionization of what?
What does the pH Scale measure?
Acidity and Alkalinity
These are solution with a pH below 7.0
Alkalis have a pH above 7.0 and do what?
Soften and Swell in the Hair
The average pH of the hair and skin is what?
This is what the proces is called when a substance is combined with oxygen.
This is a substance that readily transmits electricity.
Rubber and Silk are good examples of this.
The type of current that is constand and only flows in one direction.
Direct Current
This is a unit of electrical pressure.
An Ampere (amp) is a unit of electrical of what?
This is what the amount of electrical energy that is being used in one second is measured in?
This is a device that automatically interrupts or shuts off an electrical circuit in the event of an overload.
Circuit Breaker
This is an electronic facial treatment.
This is the positive electrode of an electrotherapy device.
This is the negative electrode of an electrotherapy device.
This is a constant and direct current used to produce chemical effects on the tissues and fluids of the body.
Galvinic Current
This is an alternating and interrupted current used to cause muscular contractions.
Faradic Current
This is an electrical current used for its heating effects.
High-Frequency Current
What does the Anode (Positive Electrode) of a galvanic device do?
Contracts Blood Vessels
What does the Cathode (Negative Electrode) of a galvanic device do?
Stimulates the Nerves
This is the process of softening and emulsifying oil deposits and blackheads in the follicles.
What percent of the natural sunlight does visible light make up?
Ultraviolet (UV) rays; also called cold rays or actinic rays, have short wavelengths and what?
Are the least penetrating rays
These are the invisible rays that produce most of the heat.
Infrared Rays
What is the estimate of how many Americans will develop skin cancer?
1 in 5
"Combination Light" is also known as what?
White Light
What is the average distance you should place an infrared lamp from a person's skin?
30 inches
This is one safety precaution you should always follow with electrical equipment.
Use only one plug per outlet

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