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Miller Government Ch. 17


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chief executive
Head of the executive branch of a government. In America, the President.
The rules and order by which a president is replace should he be killed or disabled.
balance the ticket
A presidential candidate chooses a vice presidential candidate that compliments his/her abilities to help atract voters not necessarily drawn to the presidential candidate, himself.
An advisory group selected by the president to help with decisions and to direct various departments of the executive branch of government.
kitchen cabinet
Unofficial advisors the president may choose to help him make decisions.
Executive Office of the President (EOP)
Nine staff agencies that assist the president in carrying out major duties. Established by FDR by executive order under the reorganization Act of 1939.
chief of staff
The person who directs the president's office in the White House and serves as a presidential advisor.
press secretary
A member of the White House staff that holds press conferences and gives information to the press and others to let people know what the president thinks about current national and international issues.
Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
Assists in helping the president prepare the annual prosed budget, which is submitted to Congress January of every year.
fiscal year
The twelve-month perios that is determined for budgeting an auditing purposes. The federal governments fiscal year is from OCT 1 - SEPT 30
National Security Council (NSC)
A group of experts to advise the president on issues of safety and defense for our nation.Part of the Executive Office established by the National Security Act of 1947
Council of Economic Advisors
A staff agency in the executive office that advises the president on measures to maintain stability in the national economy. Helps the president prepare economic reports to Congress and helps formulate economic plans and budget recommendations for maintaining employment, production, and purchasing power.

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