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Notes on chapter 5


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The Industrial Revolutionbegan in _______ __________ in the 1700s
Great Britian
List 3 reasons the Industrial Revolution began in Britian
1.ready supply of natural resources
2.plentifulsupply of raw materials of people 2 run machines
How did the Industrial Revolution change people's lives?
more, and everything was cheaper
When was WWI?
What was the result of Russia's 1917 Revolution?
Who created communism?
Karl Marx
In the 1930s there was a world wide _______
List the Allies in WWII
Great Britian, France, China, U.S., and Soviet Union
List the Axis Powers in WWII
Germany, Itlay, and Japan
Germany created the Holocaust. What was it?
murder of 12 million people
Define genocide
mass murder of people because of race, religion, ethnicity, politics, or culture
How did the U.S. end WWII?
dropped 2 atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What was the Cold War?
U.S. and the Soviet Union competed for world influence without fighting each other
What was the purpose of the Marshall Plan?
rebuild Europe and stop communism
In 1949 NATO was formed. What is it, and why was it formed?
North Atlantic Treaty Organization; to respond to possible attacks by the Soviet Union
What did the Berlin Wall symbolize?
the split between Eastern and Western Europe
Whan did East and West Germany reunite?
October 1991
In 1991 the ______ _______ broke up
Soviet Union
The economic alliance or the Common Market became the _______ ________ in 1993. It is also called the E.U.
European Union
In 2002 most EU members replaced their money with the ____. This is a type of money

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