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Med Chem: General Principles


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What is medicinal chemistry?
A science that explains what drugs do, why they do it and how they do it.
What are the four componets of the pharmacokinetic phase?
What are the three phases in the action of drugs?
1. Pharmaceutical phase
2. Pharmacokinetic phase
3. Pharmacodynamic phase
What physical state must drugs be in to be absorbed?
Liquid or Gas
What determines the amount of absorption of a drug?
What does the rate of the pharmacokinetic phase depend on?
The drug
List the routes of administration
-Oral administration
Which route of administration avoids first pass metabolism?
Intravenous injection
T/F: Most drugs will get into the blood system (systemic circulation)
True (except steroids)
What is the site of most drug metabolism?
Are membranes hydrophilic, hydrophobic, lipophilic or lipophobic?
Is blood hydrophilic, hydrophobic, lipophilic or lipophobic?
What type of drugs are susceptible to first pass metabolism?

(hydrophilic, hydrophobic, lipophilic or lipophobic?)
lipophilic drugs
Explain first pass metabolism
First pass metabolism is when a drug passes through the liver first before going to the rest of the body (reduces the amount of drug into circulation)
Everything absorbed from the stomach and intestine (alimentary canal) passes through the liver to become the ___________ vein.
Hepatic-Portal vein
What percentage of bile acids are reabsorbed?
_____________ drugs may pass through the liver but will not be significantly effected by 1st pass metabolism?

(hydrophilic, hydrophobic, lipophilic or lipophobic?)
____________ drugs cross membranes and _____________ drugs remain in the system.

(hydrophilic, hydrophobic, lipophilic or lipophobic?)

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