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European History French Revolutions short 1 & 2


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King's response to 3rd estate becoming National Assembly
declared National Assembly illegal. Said he'd CONSIDER: finance reform
abolish letters de cachet,
start free press,
make everyone part o 3rd Estate.
Paris response to National Assembly creation
Money lost value, riots, crowds in Palais Royal gardens talking about revolutionary ideas.
Why was Paris gettin' violent?
Mobs were surrounded by ten army regiments
mob converged on Bastille on July 14, 1789, why?
wanted gunpowder.
JULY 14, 1-7-8-9!! BASTILLE
How Launay defended Bastille
drew up drawbridge, had pavement stones, aimed cannon, blocked up windows.
Bastille: who started it?
no one knows who attacked 1st
How'd Bastille fall?
Launay surrendered, was ignored, threatened to blow it up, then gave his key to open drawbridge. Everyone rushed in.
What happened to Bastille defenders?
Launay stabbed in stomach, beheaded, along with three members of his staff.
What was the fate of those who attacked it?
Unsure. Guess is that 98 died, and 73 were wounded. Survivors called Vanqueur de la Bastille and honored as heroes.
Paris reaction to Bastille capture?
Lots of rejoicing, tore the place down

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