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Geography Japan


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Who arrived in Japan in 1543?
The Portuguese
Who arrived in Japan after the Portuguese?
Roman Catholic missionaries
increase in amount of atomic weapons
Why did Japan close their doors to the West?
They feared that European traders might take over their country
Whos trade did Japan close to?
Western trade
Who was the one who forced Japan to trade with the US?
Mathew Perry
How did Japan getting forced to trade with the US affect foreign powers.
It gave them an advantage.
Whos culture did Japan study?
Western culture
What else did Japan include in their culture?
Whate three things were included in the industrial development?
Schools, rails, and communication
The Japans had the strength to do what in the 1900s?
to stand alone
What kind of borrowing did they do from the west?
What were two of the natural resources that Japan lacked?
petroleum and iron ore
What did Japan do to solve their problem of lacking natural resources?
take over places that have it
What two places did Japan take over?
Korea and German colonies
What did Japan do during the Great Depression?
It expanded
What happened after Japan surrendered to the U.S. at the end of World War 2.
The U.S. occupied Japan
When the U.S. occupied Japan, the emperor is stripped of what?
of all political power
When the U.S. occupied Japan, what happened to the military?
it is disbanded
When the U.S. occupied Japan, the new constitution included equality of what?
What 4 things have contributed to Japan's success?
an educated work force, dedicated workers, global trade patterns, and government planning
The Korean adapted to most of whoes culture?
Which did they include more in their culture from China, the language or the writing?
the language
What main 3 religions are in Korea?
Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism
What is the difference between North and South Korea's government.
North includes communist government and South is a non-communist government
Which country is colder, North or South Korea.
North Korea
Which country is more mountainous and which country contains more plains?
North= more mountains
South= more plains
What doe the environment in both countries mean for their resources.
North= more industrial
South= more agricultural
Which Korea is more populated?
South Korea
What is a demilitarized zone?
land where troops or weapons are not allowed
Honor of the military and readiness for war
firing employees and working
taxes on imports which makes foreign goods expensive
a fixed amount to reach

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