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History - Akbar, The great - Religion, Architecture and social reforms


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Name the Nav-ratnas in Akbar's court.
1. Raja Birbal
2. Raja Man Singh
3. Raja Todar Mal
4. Hakim Human
5. Mulla Dopiyaza
6. Faizi
7. Abul Fazl
8. Abdur Rahim
9. Tansen
Name 2 archaeological sources which tell us about Akbar.
Agra Fort
City of Fatehpur Sikri
What is sulh kul?
Peace of all. He believed that as a ruler he should behave in the same way towards the people of all religious faiths and all classes of society.
Name the 2 measures that made Akbar popular.
ABolishing the poll Tax or Jaziya.
Abolishing the pilgrim tax on bathing at holy places like Varanasi, Prayan.
What is the Ibadat Khana?
Akbar built the house of worship called the Ibadat Khana, where he invited learned and religious men of differnt religion to discuss issues regarding their religions
What was the new religious order promulgated by Akbar?
Name the book written by Abul FAzl
Who was the only Hindu who joined Akbar's new religion?
Raja Birbal
Name 3 social reforms promoted by Akbar
He insisted that no widow should be forced to commit sati
He legalized widow re-marriage
He did not approve of child marriage.
Name the christian missionary who has written about Akbar
Father Pierre du Jarrie
AD 1605
Akbar dies.

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