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names are applied to collections of axons in the CNS
(give 3)
bundle, tract, fasciculus, projection, stria, lemniscus, funiculus
Axon bundles may be one-way or two-way. T/F
distributes projections from a more localized area to a broader area
intrahemispheric association fiber bundles
short arcuate
superior longitudinal fasc.
infer. long. fasc.
Arcuate (short) fasciculi interconnect _______.
close regions such as adjacent gyri
The long intrahemispheric association fiber bundles course _______.
Super. longit. fasciculus connects
-parietal, occipital, & temporal with frontal lobe

-connects Wernicke's speech comprehension area with Broca's motor speech area
Lesions of the superior longitudinal (arcuate) fasciculus cause
problems of speech and language
Inferior longitudinal fasciculus connects
parietal & occipital lobes with temporal lobe
The hook-shaped uncinate fasciculus connects
anter. temporal & lower frontal lobes
limbic association tract underlying and paralleling the cingulate and parahippocampal gyri
Anterior and posterior commissures are
-small cylindrical transverse fiber bundles
-They are near opposite ends of the corpus callosum
Anterior commissure crosses
midline in the lamina terminalis
The anterior commissure interconnects
the anterior temporal lobes
Corpus callosal fibers interconnect
similar areas in opposite hemispheres
The anteriormost and posteriormost arching fibers of corpus callosum are called
The rostral and caudal ends of the corpus callosum have to accommodate more fibers and are thus ______ in sectional area
The main parts of the corpus callosum are
the genu, body, and splenium
The genu turns back under to become the
Corpus callosum lies at the bottom of the
longitudinal fissure
One way of determining corpus callosum regionalization is by correlating cortical lesion locations with
callosum fiber degeneration
replaced frontal lobotomy for treatment of intractable epileptic seizure in the field of psychosurgery
Callosotomy (commissurotomy)
Sparing the _______ may minimize split brain symptoms
Absense of corpus callosum produces
dissconnection syndromes
("split brain")

e.g., if a lesion is posterior, visual info from the right occiput (left visual field) doesn't reach the left side, so the left side motor speech area can't say what's in the left field.
The corona radiata
represents fibers to and from the cortex and the diencephalon, brainstem or spinal cord
The fibers of the corona radiata narrow down and pass between large gray matter nuclei called
basal ganglia
Internal capsule passes between
lentiform nucleus laterally, and thalamus and caudate nucleus medially
it is continuous with corona radiata superiorly, crus cerebri in the cerebral peduncle of the midbrain inferiorly
The internal capsule in horizontal section is
"V" - shaped
The bend of the "V" is the _____ ; the remaining parts are _____
genu/ limbs
external capsule
a thin white matter sheet just lateral to the lentiform nuc
The internal capsule and the external capsules encapsulate
the lentiform nucleus
Between the external capsule a ____ is a very thin gray structure (claustrum)
The internal capsule in coronal section is
a single oblique line
The large central area of white matter (centrum semiovale) in the cerebrum includes
the intersections of internal capsule, callosal fibers, and super. longit. fissure
important two-way connector in the brainstem
e.g., it connects (coordinates) the motor nuclei for the extrinsic eye muscles
The central tegmental tract interconnects
reticular regions
Large columns (funiculi) of tracts occupy the perimeter of the
spinal cord

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