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5th Grade 4th Six Weeks Study Guide


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Advantages of being an apprentice:
1. learning a valuable skill
2. training with an experienced person
3. becoming an artisan
triangular trade route:
a voyage with two stops before returning home
the most important building in a colonial New England town:
the meeting house
crops grown on southern plantations:
1. rice
2. tobacco
3. indigo
Why did many colonists want to leave Europe?
They wanted to escape religious persecution.
The Spanish wanted to find gold in New Mexico, but found mostly...
What was the result of the Pueblo Revolt?
The Spanish were driven out of New Mexico.
The French explored the Mississippi because they were looking for...
new lands to build trading posts.
New Orleans was a successful trading center because...
it was located near the mouth of a river.
When the English settlers moved west, the Indians...
resisted their settlements.
What effect did the French and Indian War have on New France?
Most of New France was taken over by the British.
Why did Britain impose the Stamp Act and the Townshend Acts on the colonists?
Britain needed money.
What effect did British taxation have on the colonies?
The colonies began to unite as Americans.
How did the Daughters of Liberty support the boycott of British goods?
The women learned to make tea and weave cloth.
The British passed the Intolerable Acts after the colonists...
dumped British tea into Boston Harbor.
Which colonial leader offered to be in charge of men going to Boston to relieve the citizens?
George Washington
Which Patriot warned neighboring militia about a British attack?
Paul Revere
Name three effects of the colonists' protest of British taxes:
1. Patrick Henry spoke out.
2. The Sons of Liberty formed.
3. Colonists boycotted.
Who was the organizer of the Sons of Liberty?
Samuel Adams
Why were the Committees of Correspondence formed?
They wanted to share news among the colonies.

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