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iah exam 1 art


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whats the time period of woman from willendorf?
what was the significance of the woman from willendorf
her large body forms are symbolic of fertility.
used to ease childbirth pains
what was the time period of soundbox of a lyre
what was the significance of soundbox of a lyre
used in a tomb with pictures of mythic animals feasting wine
what was the time period of tomb of nefertarl
what are the egyptian details about the wall painting from the tomb of nefertarl?
head always profile
frontal upper body
waist to the sidfe
left foot forward
what era was the parthenon
classic greek
what era was the bronze statue of the warrier
classic greek
what was the goal for the "state of the warrier" to look like
natural yet ideal, the strength of a god yet characteristicly human
what era was augustus of primaporta?
what is so important about the brestplate in augustus of primaporta?
it symbolizes his greatest achievement of bringing back the the romana standards after it was captured
what era was the pantheon
what was so admired about the pantheon
its perfect geometry and lavish interior design
what did the pantheon represent
unity and of the cosmos and the roman world
what era was the portrait bust of cicero
who is cicero
a republican orator and philosopher- man of principle and deep conviction
in what era was sacrophagus of junius bassus
roman- early christian
what style was sacrophagus of junius bassus
what was sacrophagus of junius bassus
scenes of sin before chirst, and scenes of redemption after christ
what era was "mosiacs of justinian and theodora"
roman byzantine
what are features of byzantine art that are depicted in the mosaics of justinian and theodora
exaggerated eyes ad frontal features
what are the scenes in the mosiacs of justintian and theodora about
justinian-last supper
theodora- wise men
what era was the ivory book cover showing gregory and scribes
medieval/ carolingian
what is the ivory book cover showing gregoy and scribes about
showing the holy spirit as a dove telling gregory what to write
what era was the church of st sermin, toulouse, france about
medieval romanesque
what was the church of st like
a cross shape, a good stop for pilgrammage
what era was "last judgement
medieval, romanesque
who sculpted "last judgement"
what was the last judegment about
a narrative depicting demons and judgement day
what era was painting of hildegard receiving a vision
medieval romanesque
what was painting of hildegard recieiving a vision about
a respected woman who drew pople to her convent, about her receiving her first vision while a monk is recording it.

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