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Nursing II - Mental Health (Grace)


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What are side effects of antipsychotic drugs?
Increased blood prolactin level
Avoid driving as antipsychotics may cause?
Side effects of antipsychotics?
extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS)
such as dystonia, pseudoparkinsonism, and akathisia
To ease dry mouth caused by antipsychotics, advise patient to?
drink sugar-free fluids and eat sugar-freee hard candy
Antipsychotic drugs or neuroleptics treat?
delusions and hallucinations
The black box warning for antipsychotics states?
Droperidol, Thioridazine, and Meseridazone may lengthen the QT interval leading to potentially life-threatening cardiac dysrhythmias or cardiac arrest
To ease constipation caused by antipsychotics, the nurse may advise patient to
increase water and bulk
stool softeners
avoid laxatives
Discuss Frederick S. Peris and the Gestalt therapy?
a therapy focusing on the identification of feelings in the here and now, which leads to self-acceptance
What is logos?
the search for meaning in life
Discuss Vicktor Frankl and logotherapy?
a therapy designed to help individuals assume personal responsibility
Discuss Albert Ellis and rational emotive therapy?
founder of rational emotive therapy; identified 11 "irrational beliefs" that are used to become unhappy
Discuss cognitive therapy?
a form of existentialism; focuses on immediate thought precessing and how a person perceives or interprest experiences and determines feelings and behavior
What are existential theories?
behavioral deviations resulting when a person is out of touch with his environment
What is systematic desensitization?
used to help clients overcome irrational fears and anxiety associated with a phobia
What is behavior modification?
method of attempting to strengthen a desired behavior or respond by reinforcement, either positive or negative
Discuss B.F. Skinner and Operant Conditioning?
people learn their behavior from history or past experiences
Discuss Ivan Pavlov and classical conditioning?
ring a bell and offer the smell of food to a salivating dog; then remove the food, ring the bell, and dog salivates
What are 3 factors influencing crisis?
perception of event;
availability of emotional supports; availability of adequate coping mechanisms
What is a situational crisis?
unanticipated or sudden events that threaten the individual's integrity such as the death of a loved one, loss of a job, and physical or emotional illness in the individual of family member
What is an advenititious crisis?
sometimes called social crisis, includes natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes
What are authoritative interventions?
designed to assess person's health status and promote problem-solving
What are facilitative interventions?
aim at dealing with the person's needs for empathetic understanding such as encouraging identification and discussion of feelings
What is behaviorism?
focuses on observable behaviors and what one can do externally to bring about behavior changes
What is maturational crisis?
predictable events in the normal course of life such as leaving home for the first time, getting married, or having a baby
Define crisis?
a turning point in an individual's life that produces an overwhelming emotional response
Discuss William Glasser and reality therapy?
focuses on person's behavior and how that behavior keeps him from achieving life goals
Crisis intervention can be?
authoritative or facilitative

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