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american history 1930's test


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This president was shy, honest, and frugal
Federal Deposit INsurance Corp.
He wrote the Sun Also Rises
Ernest Hemingway
His plan was "Share the Wealth" and "Make Every Man a King"
This first cabinet member to go to jail
Albert B. Fall
His campaign slogan was "return to normalcy"
The groups of people discriminated against by the quota system
Southern and Eastern Europeans
The reason Japan left the League of Nations
League tried to get them out of Manchuria, and instead, they just left the League
As Secretary of Treasury, his policies lowered the national debt
Federal Emergency Relief Act
He is best known for his efforts to promote efficiency
Frederic Taylor
Central character in The Man Nobody Knows
Jesus Christ
Wrote Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald
He failed to "pack" the court
Civil Works Administration
He was known as the "father of progressive education"
John Dewey
Civilian Conservation Corps
wrote Gone with the Wind
Margaret Mitchell
Organization that attacked New Deal and campaigned against FDR in 1936
American Liberty League
Radio talk show host hat promoted "social justice"
Father Coughlin
This president's handling of the Bonus Army hurt his public image
This president has a mediocre mind, difficulty detecting moral weakness and an unwillingness to say "no" to associates/friends
first public enemy #1
John Dillinger
The nonbusiness froup that realized the most lasting gains from WWI
Labor Unions
Founder of the United Negro Improvement Association
Marcus Garby
Emergency Banking Relief Act
Wrong Main Street
Sinclar Lewis
Critic who supported pensions for the elderly
KKK's position on prohibition
38% tariff rates
Fordney-McCumber Tariff
60% increase in tariff rates
Hawley-Smoot Tariff
Major problem facing farmers in the 1920s
Established to make loans to businesses, banks, and state/local gov'ts
RFC- Reconstruction Finance Corp.
He believe that the Depression would come to an end if people maintained faith in the American industrial system
The reason France and Great Britain insisterd that Germany paid its debts
Us insists it be repaid
The most urgent prblem facing FDR when he took office in 1933
Banking Situation
The New Deal agency created to deal with the major problem facing farmers
AAA- Agricultural Adjustment Act
The agency helped move Dust Bowl victims to better land
Resettlement Administration
Aimed at insuring that investors received accurate information regarding stocks
Federal Security Act
The amendment which ended prohibiton
The New Deal agency responsible for the contruction of the Lincoln Tunnel, Triborough Bridge, and Bonneville dams
WPA- Work Progress Administration
Its first chief was Joseph P. Kennedy
SEC- Security and Exchange Comissions
He was on the losing ed of the most lopsided victory in 116 years
Alfred Landon
This president helped secure American drilling rights in the middle east

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