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French Chapter 1 Deuxieme Etape including food


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Plate of pate, ham, and cold sausage
l'assiette de charcuterie
Plate of raw veggies with vinaigrette
l'assiette de crudites
Grated carrots with vinaigrette dressing
Les carottes rapees
Grated celery root with mayonnaise and vinaigrette
Le celeri remoulade
Porkchop with pasta
La cotelette de porc pates
sliced turkey breast with mashed potatoes
l'escalope de dinde puree
Fillet of sole of rice and mushrooms
Le fillet de sole riz champignons
Roasted chicken with green beans
le poulet haricots verts
La salade verte
A selection of cheeses
L'assiette de fromages
Goat cheese
le fromage de chevre
caramel mustard
La creme caramel
Fruit pies/tarts
Les tartes aux fruits

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