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List the 6 stages of viral illness:
1. Incubation
2. Prodrome
3. Onset
4. Acute
5. Recovery
6. Convalescance
When is viral material detectable by tests in these stages?
Prodrome = occasionally
Onset = Frequently
Acute = Frequently
So the virus is directly detectable when the symptmos are:
worst - onset and acute phase.
When is specific antibody demonstrable in the illness?
Acute phase - frequently
Recovery/convalescent - usually.
When is antibody NOT detectable?
during Incubation and Prodrome.
If a person tested positive for antibody during the incubation phase, what would this tell you?
The person was previously vaccinated or naturally infected.
List the 4 types of viral infections:
1. Acute
2. Latent
3. Chronic
4. Prion
What is the fate of viruses in each infection type?
Acute: eliminatd, doesnt persist
Latent: not eliminated; persists for months, years, or even life.
Chronic: Virus persists
Prion: Virsus persists.
What are the characteristics of an acute viral infection?
1. Short incubation
2. Can recover virus but only during acute and onset.
What are the recovery qualities of Acute viral infections?
1. Recovery COMMON
2. Confers resistance to future reinfections and w/ similar viruses.
What type of course does a latent virus generally follow?
Primary infection = acute
During latency, illnes ranges from relapse to remission.
Compared to the acute virus only detectable in O and A phases, when is a Latent virus detectable?
During Primary and Relapsing phases; not during remission.
Immunologically, what causes a latent virus to exist?
The host's immune system is ineffective in preventing relapse.
Name 2 examples of an Acute virus:
1. Variola
2. Poliomyelitis
Name 3 examples of a Latent virus:
1. HSV
2. Varizella-Zoster
3. CMV
What is the general description of the disease course of chronic viruses?
Incubation periods vary in length, so does the rest.
When, during chronic infections, is virus recoverable?
Regularly - it persists all through the infection.
What differentiates a chronic from latent infection?
The host's immunity is demonstrable in both, but does not even influence a chronic.
Give 3 examples of a chronic virus:
1. Rubella
2. CMV
3. Hep B/C
What are the characteristics of a prion infection?
1. Incubation for months-years
2. Disease is relentless, progressive, and lethal.
When is prion detectable in such an infection?
Both before onset and throughout the disease course.
what were prions called previously?
slow viruses
what is the typical host immune response to a prion?
Unpredictable! sometimes absent, weak, exaggerated, constant, or unconstant.
Name 4 examples of Prions:
1. Kuru
2. Progressive multifocal leukoencephalpathy
3. Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
4. Creutzfeldt Mad cow disease
How is a prion different from a virus, structurally?
Just protein; not genome.

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