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2006 Chicago Sgt. Test


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Who is notified when a drowning victim is recovered?
The Communication and Operations Section.
What type of case report will be prepared for each drowning victim?
Hospitalization Case Report.
Who will the COS notify for assistance to the drowning incident when the body has not been recovered?
Fire Dept./Marine Unit Special Functions.
What type of case report will be prepared for a unrecovered body?
Missing Persons Case Report indicating whether the victim has been recovered.
Where will statements and interviews of witnesses be listed?
In the body of the narrative section. No formal statement is necessary.
If the drowning occurs as a result of a boating accident who will COS notify?
U.S. Coast Guard.
Who will conduct the investigation of a drowning if the body is not recovered?
Youth Division.
If there are indications that a criminal offense has occured who will take over the investigation?
Detective Division Violent Crimes Section.
Are Surety bond amounts binding when they are set out of state jurisdictions?
No. Surety bonds set outside of the jurisdiction of Illinois are not binding on Cook County.
Extradition proceedures and documents will be carried out by whom?
Extradition Officer. If no extradition officer then the watch commander of the field inquiry section will assume responsibility.
Where will arrestees charged with local offenses appear for court?
The extradition hearing court. All existing charges will also be heard there.
Where is the extradition information provided on the arrest report?
In the narrative section.
Who is notified when a officer has a subject wanted on an out of state warrant?
District booking officer, desk sergeant, and watch commander.
Who will be notified for the specific offense that the person committed?
The appropriate Detective Division i.e. Violent Crimes, Property Crimes.
Must an officer that charged a person with a local offense appear in an extradition hearing?
Yes. To insure that the person is not let on bond by the ASA or the judge.
What are the desk sergeants responsibilities?
Ensure that proper arresting and booking proceedures are followed. Notify officer in change of court appearance.
Where will the person charged with an extradition warrant be processed? What will be transported with him?
Central detention. All available arrest reports, local charge complaints.
When will an arrestee be sent to the extradition hearing court?
The person is arrested on a fugitive warrant or as a result of an NCIC computer stop, or on view felony misdemeanor or traffic offense.
Can a vehicle be towed when the owner of the vehicle is present?
No. The vehicle must be released immediately and the owner must remove the vehicle immediately.
What is needed for a firm to tow from private property?
Written consent from the property owner authorizing specific removal.
What will an officer do when investigating a complaint relative to a towing operation?
Determine proper licensing from the ICC. Determine adequate proof of ownership. Request additional proof.
If the towing operator refuses to release the vehicle what shall the investigating officer do?
Inform the towing firm employee that if he persists he will be arrested.
If the operator continues to refuse to release the vehicle what shall the investigating officer do?
Request a supervisor. If the supervisor concurs with the officer and the vehicle is not released the operator will be arrested.
Who will the sgt. notify if an arrest is made?
The watch commander who will ensure that felony review is notified for the appropriate charges.
When is an abandoned dwelling deemed to have occurred?
Actual notice given by the tenant, tenant has been absent for 21 days or one rental period and removed personal property. absent for 32 days and rent is unpaid.
When is it determined that a person is a tenant?
Whether the occupant pays fees and that he has no other permanate address.
If the landlord has not complied with required court orders, or a rent warning, what shall the investigating officer do?
Request that the lockout end, restore the tenants property, and return the tenant to the dwelling.
If the landlord refuses to restore the tenant what are the arresting officers options?
Effect the arrest of the landlord, issue an Ordinance Complaint form, or instruct the tenant to obtain a warrant.
What report will the officer responding to a landlord tenant dispute complete?
A Miscellanenous Incident Exception Report unless a case report is applicable.
If a lockout has occurred and the tenant cannot enter his residence how shall the responding officer proceed?
Contact his supervisor, apprise him of the facts of the case, and obtain permission to contact Emergency Services Program.
Who will assume command of police operations at all haz mat incidents?
First member on the scene until relieved by a member of higher rank.
Upon arrival a member will evaluate the situation which includes:
cautious approach, consider all materials hazardous, request fire haz mat, request manpower, and Initiate Immediate Emergency Plan, determine wind direction and approach upwind.
Once the Fire Dept. is on the scene who will assume command of the incident?
Ranking Fire Official.
When establishing a perimeter the outer perimeter will at MINIMUM extend appr?
Open Area? Residential Area? Large Complexes?
1000 feet in open area. One block in residential area. 500 feet in large complexes or is hidden in a large building.
Who will have the initial responsibility of the downwind side of the perimeter?
The Fire Dept.
Members on the scene WILL NOT:
Enter a smoke or vapor area. Assume gases are harmless. Walk in or touch and Haz Mat.
Drive through any Haz Mat. Utilize flares. Perform functions not adequately prepared or trained in.
For reporting procedures involving a suspected criminal act or a haz mat violation, what is the primary and secondary classification on the GOCR?
Other offense / Haz Mat Violation.
For incidentes that are not criminal in nature what is the primary and secondary classification?
Non-Criminal / Haz Mat Incident.
Who will conduct the investigation of a Haz Mat incident involving traffic accidents and criminal activity?
Major Accident Investigations Except on an interstate highway. Bomb and Arson will conduct the investigation involving an explosion and or criminal activity.
If a member is exposed to a Haz Mat the supervisor will:
Notify ranking Police Dept Member. IOD report is prepared.
If a member drives through a Haz Mat the supervisor will?
Notify the ranking Police Department Member and Complete a Department Vehicle Accident or Damage Report.
The bail for any non-traffic class A or B misdemeanor shall be; Class C? Petty Offense?
When a peson in custody cannont post bail for a non felony arrest the watch commander can authorize a I bond EXCEPT WHEN?
Identity cannot be established. Unwilling or unable to be fingerprinted.
When an arrestee cannot post bail and is ineligible for a I bond the person will be sent to ?
Central Night Bond Court.
Cash Bond Procedures for the district desk sgt include:
Write No Bonds Reveived across the face of the Cash Bail Transmittal.
The desk sgt. on duty at 0600 Hrs. will:
ensure the R E are ready for pickup by the Document Services section. Ensure a receipt is given by the document section.
A PO who receives a LEADS report on a sex offender who is registered will be taken into custody when:
The LEADS message states Notified Not Registered.
A PO who receives a LEADS report on a sex offender who is moving to another country or moving out of state will:
Take no action.
When a dept. memeber takes a sex offender into custody he will:
Prepare a GOCR Other criminal Offense / Fail to Reg. Prepare an arrest report. Notify detective division.
When an officer is separated from the department, on leave of absense over thirty days, or on extended medical, who is responsible for providing information necessary to dispose of property?
Commanding officer
When money is stored in ERPS and not deposited in the bank, the inventorying officer will enter the words, "do not deposit" on the last line of the property inventory and
Prepare a To-From subject stating the reason for non-deposit.
Who is responsible for closing out each property inventory book, by signing and dating the inside cover of each book?
The Unit Commander.
A separate property inventory will be used if items of property from one case differ in respect to any of the following except___.
Property owned by the same person.
The recovering officer will ensure that the following kinds of property are returned to the owner without delay when such property is no longer needed by the department except___.
Property whos ownership is in doubt.
Who will verify that the return of the property to its owner is proper and that disposal information is correctly recorded on the proper forms?
Watch / Unit Commander
Obscene and pornographic material which were purchased or obtained without a warrant will not be inventoried, instead the __ will issue a receipt for all materials submitted as evidence.
Corporation Counsel
Which copy of the property inventory goes with the arrest report (court copy).
Pink (3)
Unless the property is properly disposed, ERPS will ensure the recovering officer will receive at least__ tracers within a three-year time.
3 tracers, (five weeks, 12 weeks, three years)
If property is heavier than 20 pounds or larger than 18 inches the __ is responsible for telephoning ERPS for a special pick up?
Desk Sgt.
When property is received in the lock up who is responsible for signing the personal property receipt and the personal property envelope?
Lock up keeper.
A recovered property disposition tracer will be sent to the recovering officer approximately__weeks after receipt of property at ERPS, unless proper authorization has been received for its disposal.
5 weeks.
ERPS will notify the commanding officer of a memeber to whon the tracer is addressed if a property tracer is not returned within__ days after receipt.
30 days.
Bt. 1030 learned that a prisoner guard will have to be established for an arrestee in custody for armed robbery. Who is responsible for contacting Operations Command to obtain approval for the guard detail?
Watch Commander
Upon implementation of an HBT plan, the officer in charge will secure a position as a commnd post in the __ from which he will direct operations.
Outer perimeter.
Once an HBT plan has been implemented, who will ensure that an incident log is established to record all significant activities that will occur during the period of the plan?
Patrol Supervisor
As the first district supervisor on the scene you assume command as the officer in charge and this means you have all of the below responsibilites except:
Notify the watch commander of the district of occurrence providing detailed information regarding conditions at the scene.
Knowing the Hamiltons are on vacation, howe long forced his way into the attached garage of lester hamilton. Longs reason was to take the harley davidson that was stored in the garage. While cutting the locks that secured the harley, long cut himself and
Arson report and burglary report.
Sarah Franks electric blanket overheated and caught fire. The only damage done was the blanket itself, no other apartment damage but Ms. Franks sustained minor burns. Which report should be completed?
Hospitalization Case Report.
Your dispatched to a bomb and arson threat at arrow screw. The threat states that the offender is going to blow the place up. Per general order you will...__________.
Conduct a search for the explosive device with a person familiar with the premise if access to the premise is allowed.
The DC of the district of occurrance and the Deputy Chief of the Detective Division have been on the scene of a HBT for 5 minutes. The field lt. who formally assumed command prior to their arrival, is in communication with the watch commander, whos in th
District Commander.
Who is responsible for notifying the appropriate deputy chieft of the Patrol Division?
Operations Command personnel.
P.O. everyday observed a suspicious person. He stopped the subject to conduct a field interrogation. The P. O. asked the subject his name and reason for being in the area and the subject refused to answer. Under these circumstances P.O. everyday should?
Evaluate whether or not grounds for arrest exist.
If during questioning a lawyer arrives at the police facility and requests to see his cliet, even though his client has not requested an attorney, which of the below statements best describes CPD policy?
The arrestee will be informed of attorneys presence and questioning will cease until the lawyer has had an opportunity to converse with his client.
In cases where Bomb Threats or Arson Threats are made, and no actual device or fire occurred, who has the responsibility for the follow up investigation of all threats received both written and oral?
Bomb and Arson.
An 11 year old is arrested for burglary. Y.I. calls youths home to locate parents with no reply. What other steps should be taken by Y.I. before an interview of Youth can commence?
Go to parents home and place of employment.
According to CPD policy regarding Custodial Interrogations of a juvenile offender 12 years or younger where he committed a felony, who will be present for the interview in the event that all resonable efforts to ensure the presence of a parent or legal g
Area Youth investigator.
The requirement of having a parent present durning an interview will not apply in cases in which the offense being investigated involves a victim who is:
A family member.
The Lt. just cancelled an emergency plan. Who must the officer in charge notify?
Communications Operations dispatcher.
The initial responsibility of any officer taking command at an emergency scene is to:
Evaluate the extent of the emergency situation and take steps to ensure adequate manpower and equipment are made available.
An immediate emergency plan may be called into effect by:
Any sworn member.
After a prisoner guard detail for hospitalized arrestee has been cancelled, who is responsible for notifying Operations Command?
Watch Commander
______ will be taken into protective custody and immediately transported to a detoxification facility.
Incapacitated persons in a public place.
Smith is heing held in the lockup during an ongoing burglary investigation. Smith requires medication every 4 hours. Smith has his medication with him in his personal property bag. To receive his proper medication Mr. Smith will__________
When practical be taken to the same hospital each time the medication is needed.
A child means any person under the age of ____, unless legally emancipated by means of marriage or entry into a branch of the military.
18 years of age.
If a parent or caregiver were to leave their 8 month old child in a garbage can according to The abused and neglected child reporting act, this act would fall within the definition of:
Child Abuse
What is the primary concern of the department in all cases of child abuse or neglect?
Safeguarding the childs emotional and physical well being.
In which instance is it not necessary to read a subject his Miranda Warnings?
Before a field interrogation where the person has not been deprived of the freedom of movement.
According to GO 87-07 police officers may not:
Stop a person under suspicious circumstances and arrest the person if he refuses to provide his name and reason for being in the area.
A 12 year old is arrested for driving a stolen car. 12 year old says father gave him the keys. Under these circumstances who should be present on 12 year old behalf before any questioning is attempted?
Area Youth Investigator.
Interrogation encompasses not only questioning but it technically does not include which:
Reading Miranda Warnings.
Does a police officer have the right to take a persons weapon if lawfully possessed during a field interrogation?
Yes, as long as its returned upon completion of the stop if it was lawfully possessed.
A Miranda Warning is not required when:
A person enters a police facility and states that he wishes to confess a crime.
What statement most accurately reflects CPD policy regarding the interview of juveniles charged with a felony?
Cannot be interviewed without a parent or guardian present.
What does not have to be considered when advising a person in custody of Miranda rights to establish a legal waiver to the right to remain silent?
A sworn member who has discharged his personal Oc device is required to immediately notify his supervisor but not the ____.
Watch Commander.
What percentage of oleoresin capsicum pepper agent is permitted?
Only after receiving an approval from what rank can a sworn member's OC device be used in the removal of an unresponsive group or crowd:
Lieutenant or above who is on the scene.
What statement most accurately defines CPD policy regarding when money should be hand delivered to ERPS?
When there is no inventory pouch available or the amount of money to be inventoried prohibits the use of one inventory pouch.
A person who is identified as being intoxicated in a public place and has not violated criminal law or ordinance, but refused assistance, what action should the officer take?
No further police action will be taken.
The ______ will inform the watch commander of the status of all hospitalized arrestee's.
Desk Sgt.
Who will ensure that bond is set for hospitalized felony arrestee's?
Court sgt. of appropriate facility.
Whenever an incident involves a firearm or weapon owned by the department or a firearm or weapon in which the department is responsible, _______ will ensure operations command is notified and a copy of the case report is forwarded to the Deputy Superinte
Supervisory / command members.
If P.O. Jones loses his weapon outside the city of chicago, he will ______:
Report the incident to LEO of jurisdiction, record LEADS an d contact OEMC so a beat officer will be assigned to prepare a GOCR.
A department member who observes that his personal aerosol chemical device is past its expiration date will___.
Be responsible for its replacement.
Lt. Jones, watch commander is informed that a p.o. discharged his personal aerosol device. Further investigation is required. Lt. Jones will___________.
Initiate a CR Investigation.
Personal aerosol and device holders are___________.
Required to be carried by all sworn members while in the performance of field duties.
As watch commander in the district of occurrance in which a personal aerosol device has been discharged you will notify____________.
Which of the following is not the responsibility of a sworn member who discharges a personal aerosol device?
Notify the watch commander.
The use of personal device is not authorized in __________
A person who is attempting to destroy evidence by attempting to swallow suspect controlled substance.
What information is not required to be listed in the narrative portion of the arrest report of a hospitalized arrestee?
Name of doctor.
Who is responsible for notifying the arresting officer when a hospitalized arrestee is let to bail of the date and time of court hearing?
Desk Sgt.
________________will retain ultimate investigative responsibility for the follow up investigation in regards to hate crimes and other incidents motivated by hate?
Detective Division.
P.O. Smith informed the lt. of a hate crime incident. Lt. Jones, watch commander is required to immediately notify____________.
Operations Command.
A hate crime as defined by 720 ILCS 5/12-7 is a ___________for a first offense.
Class 4 felony.
When faxing a copy involving a hate crime which unit does not receive a copy of the report?
Appropriate Detective Division.
A 25th District officer encounters a bonified hate crime. He determines that it happened in 22. Upon completion the officer will___________.
Submit the case report and related documents to the on duty watch commander in the district of occurrence.
After being convicted of a hate crime the court may require the offender to perform no less than_________
200 Hours.
An officer who responds to a non-criminal incident motivated by hate will report the incident using________.
Information report.
An officer who makes an initial contact with an abused or neglected child will render medical assistance, if required and notify________.
The appropriate Detective and Youth division.
A child means any person under age of ___ years unless emancipated.
18 years of age.
Whenever an officer has responded and investigates a complaint received from the DCFS hotline and it is not bonified the officer will____.
Notify DCFS hotline and give a brief description of why the incident is not bonified.
Abuse of a child does not include which offense:
Denying or witholding nourishment.
In instances of child sexual abuse when the youth division discovers an abused child and it is determined there is more than one victim, the youth officer will notify:
States Attorneys Office
Who may authorized the use of additional weapons ammunition by specialized units within the department?
1st Deputy Superintendent
It will be the responsibility of a___in cooperation with the training division to schedule all appropriate sworn members requiring special weapons certification and to develope and maintain certification programs.
Bureau Deputy Superintendent.
A member has _________from expiration of his approved handgun certificate to successfully complete a familiarization, testing and qualification course.
30 days.
Bomb and Arson detective while on assignment notices he lost the ammunition for his duty revolver. The detective may__________.
Submit a TRR report and request ammunition from the district watch commander.
_________will periodically visit chicago department facilities within their areas of responsibility and discuss current problems with fire department personnel.
Field Lt. and sector sgts.
Bt. 414 while on patrol observes a garage spray painted with a swastika sign and "die jew". Bt. 414 will notify his immediate supervisor and _____.
Notify the on duty watch commander in the district of occurrence, operations command, Civil rights section, and detective division.
Joe is an eskimo. Bob hates eskimos so he punches joe in the face and says, "thats what you get for killing baby seals and eating whale blubber. Bob has committed a ________.
Hate crime and a battery.
When a person with hearing and or speech impairment is arrested a sworn member will:
Contact operations command and request the services of a sign language or oral interpreter.
Members will not lift a wheelchair off the ground by hand while it is occupied except:
In incidences where life threatening circumstances exist.
Unlike an adult hospitalized arrestee, a juvenile arrestee may be placed under guard in the hospital as a last resort under what conditions according to department directive.
The parent cannot be found to assume custody and when it would be considered a danger to the community if the arrestee left without a guard, would likely leave the hospital.
If an arrestee is female and requires hospitalization with no female officer present, who is responsible for contacting operations command?
Watch Commander
When a member is assigned to a fire or bomb incident they will determine if the incident is bona fide and, if necessary, _____________.
Assisst in the rescue of endangered persons.
Who is responsible for ensuring that after being obtained, a mittimus for a hospitalized arrestee is delivered to the department of corrections?
The watch commander.
An officer who is assigned a hate crime will submit the case report and any related documents to the __________of the district of occurrence.
On duty watch commander.
Who will designate a location within the police facility for loading and unloading semi automatic pistols?
District Unit Commander.
The manner inspection of a semi automatic pistol can only be performed by__________.
A supervisor who has completed the semi-auto pistol command and supervisor familiarization course.
Temporary replacement of a prescribed firearm may be obtained by submitting a report to which office?
First Deputy Superintendent.
Each district station is supplied with a quantity of replacement ammunition. Who is responsible for the security and issuance of the ammunition?
Watch Commander.
What is the definition of Intoxicated person?
A person whose mental or physical functioning is substantially impaired by use of alcohol or drugs.
When a member responds to a location where a fire has occured and does not involve real property or personal property with no value, which type of report will be completedy?
Miscellaneous Incident Exception Report.
If a person has been injured in an explosion that is non-criminal in nature, this incident will be reported on a :
Hospitalization Case Report.
Who is responsible for ensuring that the white original card is submitted to the Auto reporting desk within fifteen minutes from the time the dispatcher initiates them?
The Watch Commander
Who will contact the Auto Reporing desk and inform them of the results of the investigation when the theft is not bona fide?
The field detective.
What report will be used if a vehicle which was stolen within the city limits during the commision of a burglary, is recovered with the city limits?
Recovered Vehicle Supplementary Report.

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