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mental health - mood disorders, suicide (hs)


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-lack of energy, loss of pleasure in once pleasurable activities

-avg. affect and activity
How long does a major depressive disorder last?
At least two weeks. All pleasure, or almost all is lost.
True, false. Persons with hypomania are not "impaired". In fact, they can be quite creative and productive.
True. manic episodes, or mania , do interfere with a persons life and productivity.
What are the major categories of antidepressants?
atypical antidepressants
Antidepressants should be ___ before discontinuing.
What are three problems with cyclics?
long half life
toxic in those with liver impairement , MI, or taking MAOI's.
anticholinergic S/e's

Cyclics are rarely given to geriatrics due to these and other side effects.
What is a hypertonic crisis?
What occurs when someone taking a MAOI ingests tyramine. CAn be fatal.
What is the first priority in dealing with a depressed patient?
Determine if they are suicidal.
What is a tip in offering food for a depressed patient with no appetite?
Frequently offer food in small amounts and offer to sit with the patient. A large meal offered can be overwhelming.
T/F. Risk for suicide is high after a person starts taking antidepressants.
true. the pts energy level is increased by the meds.
T/F What is the better choice food for someone who is in a manic phase? Spaghetti or finger foods?
Finger foods, or things one can eat while moving around is the best option. These foods should also be high in protein and calories.
What is important for clients taking lithium to be aware of?
They need adequate salt and water intake and they need to seek medical care if they experience vomiting or diarrhea. (due to toxicity issues)
Suicide, at times, may appear to be an ___
What role does the nurse use when dealing with a suicidal patient?
authoritative. let them know their safety is the primary concern.
Which antidepressants have the lowest side effects?
What is the serum lithium level for maintenance and safety?
.5-1.5 meq/l

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