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mental health- anxiety (HS)


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How is anxiety distinguished from fear?
fear is feeling afraid or threatened by a clearly identifiable, external stimulus that represents a danger to the person.
When is anxiety considered normal?
when it is appropriate to the situation and when it dissipates when the situation has been resolved.
Seyle's General Adaptive Syndrome
alarm reaction stage
resistance stage
exhaustion stage
An example of an adaptive behavior when dealing with stress and a negative, or maladaptive behavior when dealing with stress
adaptive- deep breathing

negative- headaches
When is teaching most affective?
when client is mildly anxious.
True or false. The nurse should remain with a client that has high levels of anxiety.
True. Especially during severe and panic anxiety as the clients safety should be monitored.
What is a problem with Benzodiazepines?
They can be habit forming, therefore should not be used for more than about 6 weeks.
Generalized anxiety disorder
at least six mos. of persistent and excessive worry and anxiety.
believed to be dysfunctional in pts. with anxiety disorder. GABA is the body's natural anti anxiety agent.
increases anxiety.
usually implicatd in psychosis and mood disorders.
Xanax is a ___
Prozac is a ___
Paxil is a __
What is the nurses first concern during a clients panic attack?
keeping the client safe. It's a good idea to move the client to a non threatening quiet environment if necessary.
How should communication be when speaking to a person with panic disorder/anxiety?
simple and calm. the client with anxiety cannot take in too much at a time.
Obsessions vs compulsions
obsessions- persistent and intrusive thoughts. they interfere with an individuals life.

compulsions- the actual act that is carried out in order to attempt to neutralize the anxiety.
optimal treatment for ocd includes
medication and behavioral therapy
Why is it important for the client to discuss what he is experiencing with the nurse?
They often try and hide their disorder, due to embarrassment, etc. This is a heavy burden to the pt.
The nurse is going to teach the anxious client relaxation techniques. When is the best time to do this?
when the pts. anxiety is low, so she can learn more effectively.
To manage anxiety and ritualistic behaviors, a ____ is necessary
baseline of frequency and duration

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