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Explain the importance of assessing health status
*Baseline *Confirm data in health history *Develope nursing diagnosis *Evaluate outcome of care *Screen for other health prob *Abuse, rapport, avoid malpractice
Know what elements comprise a patient's general health status
Psychosocial Physical Developmental Self-Care and wellness
Idendify what the nurse can do to promote patient comfort during the physical assesment
*Provide privacy, explanations and calm enviroment. *Equiment *Safety and infetion control
How do you preform inspection and where
Everywhere and by observing pt and enviroment
How do you preform palpation and where
sense of touch to gather information about size, consistency, texture of body; back of hand=temp; side=vibration; tips=pulse or texture, on bowel and feeling for edema
How do you preform ascultation and where
*listening with a stethescope *lung heart GI *diff sides of the stethescope diaphram and bell
How and where do you preform percussion?
striking surface of the skin typanny=air cavity resonance=healthy lung tissue hyper resonance=over filled lungs dull/flat
What are the various body positions to take assessment and the limitations of each
standing=can't get bowel sounds sitting=best for lung sounds, pt might not tolerate supine=pt might not tolerate fowlers=pt might need for breathing Dorsal recumbent=good 4 knee disorders

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