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Helen Keller


copy deck
was hot
a healthy baby girl
loved her dearly
two years old
day after day
servants tried
tried to help
shook his head
we can do
may not live
shook his head
deaf and blind
into a little girl
felt sorry
often cried
the poor child
what she wants
baby grew
did not think
is very smart
we reach her
inside of herself
like her father
became angry
always dirty
lay on the floor
kicked her feet
was not happy
pushed the baby
her mother cried
"No, Helen!"
he could help
to the school
had an answer
reached out
to love her
pulled her close
made the letters
around the table
how to behave
what she wanted
threw the plate
hold a spoon
into the little house
in the garden
for a while
close to home
did not understand
mixed up the words
need a rest
water poured out
warm and sunny
back to life

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