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Coronal section
divides the body or organ into anterior and posterior components
Sagital section:
: divides the body or organ into left and right sides; midsagital divides the body through the midline whereas a parasagital section divides the body into two parts of unequal sizeor parallel to the midline of the body
Transverse section
divides the body or organ into a superior and inferior component
. Thoracic cavity
chest cavity; includes the pericardial and pleural cavities; cavity superior to the diaphragm
Pericardial cavity
anterior mediastinum which contains the heart; lined with parietal pericardium
Pleural cavities
Lateral to the pericardial cavity, contains lungs; lined with parietal pleura
Posterior mediastinum
posterior to pericardial cavity; contains esophagus, aorta
Abdominopelvic cavity
abdominal and pelvic cavities; cavities inferior (below) to the diaphragm
Abdominal cavity:
inferior to the diaphragm; contains stomach, intestines, most of the colon, liver, pancreas, etc; lined with parietal peritoneum
Pelvic Cavity
inferior to plane through crest of ilium bones and inferior aspect (bottom) of most inferior lumbar vertebra; contains bladder, rectum, most reproductive organs; lined with parietal peritoneum

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