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Religion Midterm (Saints)


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St. Ignatius Loyola
-soldier of nobel birth changed to soldier for christ
-founded an order dedicated to missionary and educational work
St. Theresa of Avila
-known for her courage, prayer, and profound love of God
-formed Carmelite religious order
-proclamed "doctor" of the church
St. Catherine of Siena
-Dominican lay woman
-councler to popes and helped the Pope come back to Rome
-known for her spiritual writings
St. Francis of Assisi
-nobelman, poet and mystic
-founded an order dedicated to poverty and renewing the faith of all christians
St. Thomas Aquinas
-known as the "Dumb Ox"
-uses reason, scripture and church tradition to explain the catholic faith
St. Dominic
-started and order that stressed the importance of good preaching
St. Clare
-close friend to St. Francis of Assisi
-started an order of non-clostered nuns called the Congregation of Notre Dame
St. Angela Merici
-founded a school for poor girls
-known as Ursuline Nuns
St. Philip Neri
-forned a group of priest dedicated to reform
-called the Oratorians
St. Francis of Rome
-known for her charity to the poor and sick
St. Thomas More
-refused to agree with the kings outlook on marrage
St. Paul Miki
-martyred along with 25 other reiligous and lay people
- from his cross he invited onlookers to be open to christianity
St. Bartolome De Las Casas
-struggled to promote civil rights and ban slavery in Latin America
St. Peter Claver
-swore to forever to be a slave to his black brothers and sisters
-Served in colombia
St. Francis de Sales
-helped reform the Council of Trent
-tol dus that everyone is called to being holy
St. Charles Lwanda
-protected the other pagens from the emperor who demanded that they participate in homosectual activity
Pope Leo XIII
-wrote "On the Conditions of the Working Class" also known as the Reverum Novarum
St. Maxamelian Colbe
-layed down his life for a Jew at a Nazi prison camp

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