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6th Grade WW Lesson 11-1-23-06


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Abbreviate a'bree'vee'ate

v-To shorten by leaving out certain parts

Abbreviation,n-The result of abbreviating
Main Street can be abbreviated to Main St.
Appropriate a'pro'pre'et

adj-Suitable or right for the purpose
v-To set aside for a particular purpose
Congress appropriates money for various programs.
Exclude ex'cloode

v-To leave out;to keep from being a part of
The major leagues excluded Black baseball players until 1947.
Fanciful fan'si'ful

adj-1.Not based on reason;unrealistic
2.Not real;inmaginary
One inventor came up with the fanciful idea to turn water into gasoline.
*Way to remember this word:Fantasy*
Futile few'tile

adj-Certain to fail;hopeless or useless
Before giving up, we made several futile attempts to retreive the keys that had fallen in the lake.
Grudge gruge

n-A feeling of resentment
v-To be unwilling to give
Grudging,adj-Done or said with reluctance
Do you grudge me this food when you see how ravenous I am?
Inspire in'spi'er

v-To fill with emotion or great exitment
Inspiration,n-The power to affect the mind or emotions;anything that has this effect
Einstein's discoveries inspired me to become an inventor.
Majority ma'jor'ity

n-1.The greater # or part, more than half
2.The amount by which one # of votes is greater than the other
The vote was 97 to 91, a majority of six.
Persevere per'se'veere

v-To refuse to give up despite difficulties
Perseverance,n-Continued efforts in spite of difficulties
The captives persevered in their efforts to escape.
Possess po'ses

v-1.To have or to own
2.To get power or control over
Possesion,n-1.The fact of owning or holding
2.The thing that is held or owned
The children possess tree pairs of shoes.
Prejudice pre'joo'dis

n-An opinion or strong feeling fromed without careful thought or regard to the facts
v-To cause to have such a feeling
Prejudiced,adj-Having such a feeling
One cannot expect a fair verdict from a prejudices judge.
Resolute res'o'loote

adj-Detemined not to give in;unyeilding
The shelter was resolute about finding good homes for the kittens.
Sneer snear

v-To look down on with scorn;to mock or insult by words or manner
n-A scornful look;a mocking or insulting remark
The entire audience jeard someone sneer loudly about the bad acting.
Unanimous you'nan'i'mus

adj-Without any disagreement
Unanimity,n-The condition of being unanimous
The motion passed by a unanimous vote of 57 to 0.
Unruly unrooly

adj-1.Badly behaved
2.Hard to control
This hair spray might help keep your unruly hair in place.

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