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Earth Science midterm flashcards


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What are the steps in the scientific method?
State the problem
Make a hypothesis
Test hypothesis
Gather/ record data
Graph data
Define independent variable
the variable you change
dependent variable-
the variable that responds to the change
repeated trials-
repeating the tests to see if you have the same results
the things you keep the same throughout the experiment
the normal
an educated guess or prediction about relationship between the variables
what are The layers of the atmosphere?
Troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere
Which layer is where meteorite burn up?
Which layer does weather occur?
Which layer are satelites deployed in?
Exosphere (upper thermosphere)
Which atmospheric layer is the coldest?
Mesosphere/ troposphere
Which atmospheric layer is the warmest?
Which layer is the jet stream found in?
Which layer is the ozone layer in?
Describe maritime tropical and where it comes from.
Wet, warm- Gulf of Mexico
Describe maritime polar and where it comes from.
Wet, cold- Coast of Alaska
Describe continental polar and where it comes from.
Dry, cold- Canada
Describe continental tropical and where it comes from.
Dry, warm- Mexico
What line connects points of equal pressure?
What line connects points of equal temperature?
What are the three types of energy transfer?
Conduction, convection, radiation
What are the three basic cloud types?
Cirrus, Cumulus, Stratus
What does a barometer measure?
Air pressure
What does a thermometer measure?
What does a psychrometer measure?
Water vapor
What does a triple beam balance measure?
What does a rain gauge measure?
Amount of rain
What does a anemometer measure?
How fast the winds are moving
What are the three waves
L waves, P waves, S waves
What is a convergent boundary?
when one plate slides under the other
Transform boundary
when plates slide past each other
Divergent boundary
when plates move apart from each other
what are the layers of the earth?
core, mantle, crust
what are the 2 most abundant elements in the core
nickel, iron
what are the most abundant elements in the crust?
silicon, oxygen
what is a lateral fault?
when plates move past each other (shearing)
what is a Normal fault
the hanging wall moves downwards (compression).
what is a reverse fault?
Reverse is when the hanging wall moves upwards on the foot wall (compression)
what is a thrust fault?
is when one plate moves on top of the other (compression)
rock cycle
the continual process by which a new rock is formed from old rock material
the least useful way to identify a mineral
specific gravity
the density a mineral has
the way light reflects off a mineral
resistance a mineral has to being scratched
the color a mineral leaves on a porcelain tile
when a mineral breaks with a jagged edge
when a mineral breaks on a straight line
1 on Moh's hardness scale
1- Talc
2 on hardness scale
2- Gypsum
3 on hardness scale
3- Calcite
4 on hardness scale
4- Fluorite
5 on hardness scale
5- Apatite
6 on hardness scale
7 on hardness scale
8 on hardness scale
9 on hardness scale
10 on hardness scale
special property of sulfur
smells distinctly
special property of halite
tastes salty

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