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Relgion Test


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Who were Rebekah & Issac's sons?
Essau and Jacob
How did the youngest son get the blessing from Issac?
He tricked his father into thinking he was the older son by putting goat skin on his arms
What are the two points in the Issac story?
1. they were biblical people
2. spoken word = the final word
Why was Joseph the favorite son?
His mother was the father's favorite wife
How did Joseph become a slave; get put in prison?
Brothers sold him, Potipher's wife seduced/framed him
What's the significance of Jacob's dream?
Jacob is a direct descendent, they are the chosen people
What is Jacob's new name?
Israel - new name connects to Abraham and tribes of Israelites
What is a name change a symbol of?
role change
What are dreams>
a medium for people to know what God wants from them, dreams are a way to describe what's happening
What are the two kinds of history?
-prehistory: origins and sins
-folk history: truth, tribal origins
What happened during Jacob's stay at Bethel?
1st day: dream and then later name change
What does 'El' stand for?
God in Hebrew
What does Genesis end with & what does Exodus begin with?
Genesis ends with Joseph's death.

Exodus begins with reversal of fortune for Israelites
What are the human qualities of Moses?
-sister watched him in reeds
-Pharoh found Moses because of crying
-Pharoh's sister wanted to keep Moses
-looked for nurse to nurse Moses-found his real mother
What was the Call of Moses?
-bush on fire, hears God's voice
What is the story pattern of Moses going to see Pharoh?
-God commands
-Moses obeys "let my people go"
-plague occurs
-Pharoh "NO", unmoved
What were the plagues?
blood, frogs, gnats, flies, livestock diseased, boils, thunder & hail, locusts, darkness, Passover
What was Passover (10th plague)?
1st born son killed, Israelites were saved by putting sacrificed lamb's blood on lentel of door
What were the signs the God was with the Israelites?
1. appearence of clouds(day) and pilalr of fire(night)
2. quail
3. manna

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