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China & Its Neighboors Test


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A line of rulers from a single family is-
A Dynasty
The art of beautiful writing is-
An ethnic group living in western china is called-
The Capital city of Mongolia is-
An island off the east coast of China is-
Macau was once a colony of-
64% of China's people live in-
Rural areas -OR- Eastern China
Chinese writing uses-
Characters that represent words or ideas
The river that is called "China's Sorrow" is the-
Yellow River
Another one of China's main three rivers is called the-
Xi River
China's "one country, two systems" pledge refers to-
Communism and Capitalism
A Communist leader who made China a more open country whose name is-
Deng Xiaoping
Pacific Coastal Area with earthquakes and volcanoes is called-
The Ring of Fire
China regained control of this city in 1997-
Hong Kong
Two benifits from foreigners investing in china are-
Cheaper labor, and China has millions of customers

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