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Ancient Civ: Ch.6 Sec.2: A New Government


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How did the plebeians gain more rights
Bocotted, got better laws, created a better/more balanced system
How did the plebeians boycott
They refused to fight in the Roman army until they got more rights
Why did the plebeians boycott
They wanted to hold public offices and have better laws
How did the plebeians get better laws
Laws were written down on the twelve tables, the laws were put in the Forum, publishing the laws made it impossible for the patricians to interpret the laws for their benefit
How was the system of government better
It was more balanced; Rome tried to combine a little bit of every kind of government
Describe the consul
He was like the king and ran the government and military, but there were two of them and they could veto one; another's laws; there was a one year limit to a consul's term; you could only be consul once every ten years
Describe the assembly
Any citizen/soldier could be a member; most democratic part of the government; all classes (plebeian and patrician) took part
Describe the senate
Only patricians could be in the senate; life-time appointment; the senate provided stability and continuity in the government
Describe the dictator
There was only a dictator during time of war; he had extraordinary powers; his term was six months
What happened to the Latins and Etruscans once they were conquered
They were given the rights of a full citizen of Rome
What happened to the people conquered further away on the Italian Peninsula
They were half citizens with all the rights of full citizens except the right to vote
What happened to the conquered people that lived far from Rome
They became allies which meant they could keep their own government, but could not make alliances with other city-states without Rome's permission and they had to give soldiers to the Roman army
What is the president similar to
How is the president's job balanced
Two four year terms and he is checked by the legislative and judicial branches
Describe the House of Representaives
Two year term and most democratic- they have to listen to their voices
What is the House of Rep. most like
What is the senate most like
Who were the Gauls
They sacked Rome and had to be bribed to leave
What effect did the Gauls have on Rome
Rome rebuilt stronger than before and strengthened their army
Why did the Romans fight the Greeks
To gain control of southern Italy
Who was the Greek king
King Pyrrhus
Did King Pyrrhus win
He won all the battles but lost the war
What is a Pyrrhic victory
Victory at too great a price

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