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Ancient Civ: Ch.6 Sec.1: Geography, Early Settlers, and Social Classes


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Describe Rome's climate
Mild Mediterranean; warm and dry summers and mild and wet winters
Where is Rome located
On the first crossing of the Tiber River; Middle of Italian Peninsula; and middle of Mediterranean Sea
What surrounds Rome
The Alps to the north and the Applenines in the middle, running along the length of Italy
How did the Alps help Rome
For a while, they protected Rome from invaders
What are the islands around Rome
Sicily, Corsica, and Sardinia
When did the Etruscans settle in Rome
1800-1200 B.C.
Where were the Etruscans from
Asia Minor
Who were the Etruscans descendants of
The Peoples of the Sea
What were the three marks of civilization for the Etruscans
Writing, arhces, and cities
Who did the Romans get their minor gods from
The Etruscans
What were the auscpices
Reading stuff through the entrails of animals, and watching birds in flight
When did the Latins settle in Rome
1000 B.C.
What did Rome start out as
A shepherd settlement
Who did the Romans get their language from
The Latins
When was Rome founded
753 B.C.
Who founded Rome
Romulus and Remus
When did the Greeks settle in Rome
750-600 B.C.
Where did the Greeks establish trading colonies
In southern Italy and Sicily
What did the Romans adopt from the Greeks
A lot of Greek culture, especially Greek gods
Describe the Patricians
They were the upper-class society and the wealthier class. They claimed to be descendants of Romulus and Remus
Describe the Plebeians
This was the lower-class and the common people which included artisans, farmers, and traders. They were poorer and although citizens, could not vote or make laws or hold public offices
What were the major Roman gods in charge of
Big issues such as war
What were the minor gods in charge of
Smaller, every day issues
When was the Roman monarchy
753-509 B.C.
Who ruled during the monarchy
Latin and Etruscan kings
What did the Latin and Etruscan kings do for Rome
Built public buildings, drained swamps, conquered neighboring territory/built empire
How did the monarchy end
Son of the king raped Lucretia and was not charged for it and the people overthrew the king
After the monarchy, what was the rule concerning kings
Anyone who showed signs of wanting to be king could be killed without trial
When was the Republic
509-44 B.C.
What form of government was it
How did citizens participate in the Republic
They elected people to speak and vote for them in law making bodies
Why was Rome just a republic, not a democracy
Not all citizens could vote
What was the key trait of the Roman army
More mobile
What were the armies divided into
Legions which consisted of 1000 people
What were the legions divided into
Centuries which consisted of about 100 people
What was on of the highest Roman values
What is pietas
Loyalty and proper behavior
Who were Romans supposed to be loyal to
Country and family
What is an example of proper behavior
Female modesty
What is gravitas
Seriousness and commitment
How was a Roman supposed to live
Virtuously and not in excess
Who was the pater familias
The oldest male in the household
What were the rights of the pater familias
Could kill anyone in family, could sell anyone in family, had to accept newborn babies, owned and controlled all finances, was the spokesperson for the house
What was the mother called
What were the responsibilities of the mater
Household duties: in charge of household and slaves, as well as educating daughters
What were the rights of the women
Could be seen in public, could entertain with husband, could speak out in public and testify in court, could hold property if they weren't married, and CITIZEN
What rights were women denied
Voting and owning property once married
What happened to the sons
Educated by parents and slaves/tutors and had arranged marriages
What happened to the daughters
Educated by the mother and had arranged marriages

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