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religion review


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the solemn promise between God and the people whom God has chosen
who were chosen by god at a particular time in history
Catholic Christianity has emerged out of a history that stretches back nearly for thousand years to the beginning of what would come the religion of the Jews
in a region of Near East about 18 hundred years before Jesus
Promised Land
the belief of many gods
the belief of one god
three Jewish man of faith
Immediate Gratification
when we want something and expect our needs met right now
Sexual permissiveness
loneliness and longing will go away if we just find sexual satisfaction
Technological fixes
the deep belief that technology will fix whatever problems we have
Effective criticism
taking something we have learned and turn it over and over in our mind and question it we may find our previous understanding needs up dated
what you have become at any point in time
adolescence is the period of time when you can reflect about life
begins with a the physical event
the time between adult child hoods over around 22 years old
Longing for happiness
put in us by god so that we might be moved to search for true happiness and ultimately find it
to fit in and win the approval of others
the attitude that acquiring material possessions is the key to fulfillment
looking out for # 1 positive – commitment to the rights and dignity of an individual
one who doubts all forms of faith
influences on how we experience life
means of expression that try to describe by compression with something else, a trait or characteristic of a person or thing
Matter of the head of beliefs
are the convictions about god
Matter of the heart
a whole attitude and movement toward god
Gods self disclosure to human beings
Atheist’s agnostics
offer difficult questions against having faith in god
Salvation history
the history of the people of god
Religious practices
they are the attempt by peoples and communities throughout history to express their shared faith through outward signs – including symbols, celebration, statements of belief, and codes of behavior.
Religious freedom
the Catholic Church recognizes the human right to religious freedom and rejects nothing of what is true and holy in religion
purpose for this course
to ask question about why god exists and why we were called into being by god
reason for exstence
out of love for us and god longs for love in return
serenity payer
God grant me serenity to accept those things that Icannot those things that i can change, courage to change those things that i can and wisdom to know the difference
trust, feelings, emmotions, and belief, convictions, thoughts
singned written agreement between two or mre parties (nations) to preform some action
the of Abraham and Sarah
Jacob son Issac
brother of Esau; father of the twelve partriarchs of israel
older brother of Jacob who was tricked into giving his blessing to his younger brother Jacob
the llth son of Jacob and one of the 12 patriarchs of Israel
the name of God
the Plagues
a sign of god when the pharoah would not let the hebrews free from egypt
first born in Egypt when the angle of death tok all of those who did not have bloodon their doorposts
the exodus
the Exdous was the departure of the hebrew slaves from egypt under the leadership of Moses
sinia covenant
is where moses was given the ten commandments
ten commandments
the rules given to moses by god on mount sinia and that we still follow today
successor who led the israelites into the promised land
anointed the Saul as the first king of israel
king saul
first king
king david
secind king united tribes and was the greatest king
king solomon
senowned for his greast wisdom and wealth and power
babylonia exile
is the name generally given to the deportation and exile of the Jews of the ancient kingdom of Judah to Babylon Nebuchadnezzar
brought people back to the worship of god
the first of the major hebrew prophets
prophet who is remembered for his angery lamentations about the wickedness of his people
what was jesus primiry mission
to proclaim the kingdom of god and to show us how to love
infleshed, god infleshed in Jesus fully human and fully devine
truly god and truly human
jesus has both a devin nature and he also experienced everything thing we did
fully human and fully devine
jjesus did everything we did and devine = godly
a story about ordinary everyday reality that points to a greater truth will help us understand why
lost sheep
god loves and likes everybody we are all important
good samaritan
dosn't make a difference if you are rich or poor we are all the same
gods life and love poured out into us is a gift of god in our lives
father abba
creator own dear father jesus called god this
holy spirit
god in us and the world
tha angles announcement of mary having jesus
the mother of jesus
carpenter and father of jesus while he was on earth
by the power of the holy spirit and mary
where jesus was born in the manger
where the angle talked to mary and where they lived
where jesus was born and lived
baptism of jesus
the heavens were opened to him
jordan river
where jesus was baptized
temptations in the desert
where jesus was tempted by the devil
closest to jesus
the twelve
unlikly people jesus something in them
kingdom of god
was near, how to love, showed by example and tought
when we tun away from god and do things our own way
is realitianal

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